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I just wanted to make a clear statement on how Lon died as I noticed when going though the প্রশ্ন that there was about five of them (T/F) on how he "possibly" died, well I just finished পাঠ করা Lon's biography and his official cause of death of a hemorrhage in his throat, but luckily (for him at least) he slipped into a coma the দিন before so he didn't feel it. I honesty hate getting to the end of his rather short career (only 17 maybe 18 years) I get sad when the বছর 1930 comes up in his filmography because i know its the end. But it was really touching to read his original অনুরাগী words...
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posted by Alycat4848
Recently I found many of Lon's চলচ্চিত্র পোষ্ট হয়েছে on ইউটিউব in full. Seeing this made me quite giddy and I figured since I'll be watching these I might as well review them for this club. Now I'll admit I'm not the best film reviewer and I can be terribly biased especially when it comes to Chaney. Also I will specifically reviewing the ইউটিউব versions unless I state otherwise so some problems I find with them may not exist on a DVD version.

Video here


First I'm going to go over some of the technical aspects of the video. A nice thing about this video is it's full length so no obnoxious clicking...
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posted by PandaKISS
I finally saw Where East is East, I won't give any spoilers (though if you've read the wikipedia প্রবন্ধ than you'll know the jest of the plot)

First off BEST PARTS!!!

-Lon (Tiger) LIVES!!!!! *dances* -this does not happen a lot.
- He has a super adorable relationship with his daughter Toyo, the best I'd say out of any of his Father/daughter films.
- The sets are beautiful, and they actually use Asian people. (well mostly)
-The story has a somewhat similar "relationship" between the main characters as those in The Man Who Laughs.

I liked the movie, the characters are not bland অথবা flat and for...
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