Madison Lintz New spot look submissions! {Closed!}

Bibi69 posted on Jan 04, 2017 at 08:42PM
This spot really need a new look, so let's change it! Make all the submissions you want! You wanna make one, two, five, ten? Go ahead! You have one week.

Here's a couple of information to help you make your icons & banners:
- Icons need to be squared [100x100 px or larger. Not smaller, for quality]
- Banners need to be 800x100 px or a size that scales down to that. Mind the spot title, which is 177 px long and 40 px high, and will cover up whatever's in the lower right-hand corner of your banner.
- You can also suggest a new motto if you want too. [Needs to be 50 characters or more. Mottos with less characters won't be in the pick.]

- IMPORTANT!: To make sure we have an icon and a banner that match. We will start with voting for a new banner, then we'll make submissions for icons that will match the banner and make another poll.

So. Let's see what you got! ;)
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