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posted by scourgefan
i am new to ফ্যানপপ and i am making a warriors story. it is about a rouge named fang who joins a clan. i am not done but when i am i will post it. i am working very hard. i took some of the characters from tv shows and games. the story will be very funny when i am finished with it.the clans are burdockclan stoneclan and the main clan grassclan. if আপনি want me to post what i have so far আপনি will have to tell me. my main cat is fang. he is an immortal cat who joins grassclan. i promise আপনি will প্রণয় my story. it is called warriors:dark forest fang. i hope আপনি like it. so far i am at page 52 chapter 5. please comment. the আরো মতামত i get the faster my story will be published. i will work on my story from dusk to dawn until i finish. if আপনি want me to add a character tell me soon অথবা it might be too late. all the মার্জার will be told to আপনি in the story.
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posted by NightFur101
Lightning Tail walked up to his mate, চেরি Heart. He saw that the Fresh-Kill pile was low. “Would আপনি like to go hunting?” He asked. “I would loves to” she purred. They were walking through the woods, then চেরি হৃদয় stoped. “What is it?” Lightning Tail asked. “I smell squirrel” she said. He saw the কাঠবিড়াল and began to creep up on it. Then he smelled a new scent. It was Lake Clan’s.”We need to get back to camp, quick!” He ব্যক্ত urgently. They raced back to camp. When they went in they saw a chaos of battle. Lightning Tail jumped in to help. He pounced on a Lake Clan...
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