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one piece
Detective Conan
Soul eater
Full metal alchemist
Nightmare of the Funeral March
Holy Hearts
Princess Resurrection
Lucky star
Kingdom Hearts
Sailor moon
Akazukin Eliza
Death Note (One shot)
Mix Vegetable
Zig Zag Don
Shinshi Doumei Cross
Shounen Maid
and many many more!also if আপনি want to read a new জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা আপনি can hit যেভাবে খুশী জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা at the top.It will প্রদর্শনী আপনি the most read mangas on that website. It has the most জনপ্রিয় জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা series. The most জনপ্রিয় series is Naruto.
I feel like everyone has those জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা that আপনি wish were জীবন্ত as well so আপনি could enjoy it in another format. I'm no different so here are some জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা that I প্রণয় and would প্রণয় if they were প্রদত্ত an জীবন্ত adaptation (even though I know it's basically most likely that it won't... ever....happen.......)

warning:mostly me rambling

দুর্গ of dreams

The জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা is আরো of a collection of short stories and I feel like this could be an episodic OVA series. The actual book starts of with three stories about a magician who will grant any wish, "be it for evil অথবা good" and allows people to see their...
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I read alot of জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা ... ALOOOOOT i even হারিয়ে গেছে count !
but tow days পূর্বে i found this manga

And i could'nt STOP reading!!!
It is a হৃদয় braking story but it has some funny momentes...
its sooo funny that made me cry of Laughter XD

but realy it is a great story about a girl হারিয়ে গেছে her brother who was her only family.
but he left her a cellphone with his friend number saved on it and told her to trust him in his place

and she started to send him Emails about anything and evrything .
till thay became so cloose to each other that thay knew each other with just a singel message .
but someday...
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posted by totou

bien que de nombreux habitants vivent dans les métropoles,il leur est difficile de se rencontrer car pu de lieux le permettent.Dans les métropoles du futur, des espaces de rencontre tels que des jardins et des lieux de loisir et de culture doivent être crées.

Les citadins pourraient également s'investir dansdans des activités collaboratives:ils mettraient toutes leur forces en commun pou produire leur nourriture dans les fermes urbaines ou recycler leur déchets.

pour que la ville se développe en tenant compte de leurs besoins,il est enfin important qu'ils puissent se débattre des projets au cours des concertation publiques.
 Fairy Tail: 100 বছর Quest
Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest
If আপনি thought Fairy Tail was over, then আপনি better think again. The series might have wrapped last বছর thanks to its creator Hiro Mashima, but the artist has brought the magical শিরোনাম back.

Yes, Fairy Tail’s much-wanted sequel is here, and অনুরাগী are freaking out over the debut.

For those out of the loops, Fairy Tail is making a return this week, and it will bring lots of familiar faces with it. Thanks to Mashima, Fairy Tail: 100 বছর Quest will begin its publication in Weekly Shonen Magazine under Kodansha Comics. The sequel picks up right where Fairy Tail’s original series ended, and readers...
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 'Can't fear your own world'
'Can't fear your own world'
"This প্রবন্ধ Contains Spoilers Took Place After bleach জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা Left Off "

With four out of the seven previews out, I thought it may be time to gather all the scattered information together into one post.
First off, I would like to thank Missstormcaller, u/schneizel and LoN for providing translations and summaries and u/hypnodarkrai for providing the chapters. Without them we probably would have to rely on inaccurate summaries for years, like it was the case with Spirits are forever with you, which surprisingly turned out to be a well written book.
But now, without further ado, let's start with...
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Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World will be released on the 4th of August 2017, on Jump j Books. This new novel follows on on Bleach manga, it’s created দ্বারা Durarara!!’s লেখক Ryohgo Narita, which will be serialised every other Friday on their Jump+ digital platform. New visuals and the novels antagonists are also shown below!

The story of Bleach: Can’t Fear Your Own World follows Hisagi Shuhei, vice captain of the 9th Squad and editor and chief of the Seireitei communication. He investigates a mystery leading newly revealed secrets about the Nobel Houses, the Soul King, Arrancar and Fullbringers.

Preparing the release of the new novel, Tite Kubo draws প্রতিমূর্তি of the villain’s of the novel: Tokinada Tsunayashiro, and his protege, Hikone
 These characters are amazing.
These characters are amazing.
Hi everyone, I would প্রণয় to write about my favourite জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা comic বই that I grew up with.

Rave Master

The story is very much like Lord of the Rings, because it's like 2 ordinary protagonists who go on a quest to destroy the catalyst of evil. In this case, Haru goes on a quest to destroy the Dark Bring and his evil counterpart, Lucia. It also has a happy ending in which Haru and Elie get married together.

Sailor Moon

I only collected the Sailor Moon S movie জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা book, and it was in Malay. I প্রণয় the story as it also about true প্রণয় and teamwork, we get to see Luna the cat turn into a human...
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We’ve known that Bleach জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা is in its final arc, it seems as though the time has come as Bleach 685 will be the final Bleach জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা chapter! Weekly Shonen Jump 35 seems to have পোষ্ট হয়েছে the ending notice in Bleach 684 as a colour page and climax will be featured in Bleach 685.

The Ending notice:


Translates to: Colour Page and Special 15th Anniversary Super Legendary Climax.

This message appears in Bleach 684...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
This is my first attempt at making a জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা plot line so please give me some tips and critique if আপনি can. Thank আপনি for reading. :)

The violinist
“Ryuu!” My grandpa calls from inside the house.
“What gramps?” I yell back, leaning in my ডেস্ক chair, a pencil held to my cheek.
“Come help me with this!” He commanded from the lower floor. I bet he can handle it himself. I grumble as I walk down the steep steps of our tiny house.

I’ve lived with my grandpa ever since I could remember. He raised me from the time I was born I think.
My grandpa’s...
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posted by sapphirez
Good news every জীবন্ত lover.... I created some new spots on fanpop! These spots were never created so I created it. Actually, both of the new spots have জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা adaptions but not both of of them are anime. One of them are created as a game. The spots created is UFO Baby ( Daa! Daa! Daa! ) and Ar Tonelico 2. Well, there's only a অনুরাগী on the spots though... since it's still new. So I am hoping that you, these shows lover, be-fan of it and decorate the spots with quiz, picks, movie and if আপনি wanted to change the প্রতীকী অথবা banner, feel free to tell me and send me the picture. If আপনি have any news অথবা opinion অথবা fan-fiction, feel free to do it on these spots. If there's anything আপনি think I can improve, please tell me so and I'll try my best to improve it. Well, the সেকেন্ড অনুরাগী might see the spots are so zero but when আপনি invites many friends, the spots will be fascinating, won't they? Well, I'm making this প্রবন্ধ to invite আপনি but if আপনি don't want to, it's okay, it's up to you....^^
I recommend people to read জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা at mangahere.com and mangafox.me. Those two have a lot of mangas in their sites. although mangahere.com may not have some of the mangas that আপনি are looking for go to mangafox.me. They are both good sites to read manga. But those two don't just have manga. If আপনি also enjoy manhwa and manhua they have them too. So they don't just have manga. Sadly not every জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা at mangahere and mangafox have all the volumes and chapters the জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা আপনি want to read is there, but other sites may not have it too.

So in conclusion I recommend people to read জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা at mangahere...
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Those who have loved the art and stories but not got enough of it to enjoy, can rejoice now. Mangachrome is providing জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা online on mangachrome.com. The site is being promoted দ্বারা a mini community sharing same interests. This provides for a common place for all manga-fans to share their artefacts with others online and win applause.

mangachrome.com presents an unending তালিকা of latest জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা to enhance your excitement. নারুত latest series, Bleach, Claymore, History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, Fairy Tail, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Mahou Sensei Negima, Skip Beat, and many more.

More importantly,...
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 Kodansha Comics revealed sketches (pictured at right) for Mashima's new জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা in April.
Kodansha Comics revealed sketches (pictured at right) for Mashima's new manga in April.
This year's 26th issue of Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine revealed on Wednesday that Hiro Mashima's new জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা is tentatively titled Eden's Zero. The জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা will have a simultaneous release starting from the first chapter in English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. The issue also revealed a visual for the new manga, featuring a man with black hair and a bandage on his face.

North American publisher Kodansha Comics announced on Tuesday that the series' English release will be available on outlets such as Crunchyroll Manga, Comixology, and Kindle. In addition, the company পোষ্ট হয়েছে the following...
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(In fanfics.If it's কামান I'm fine)

1.Well in my case I find it wrong When আপনি take two male characters who do NOT have প্রণয় between each other and draw graphic অনুরাগী art of them.

2.(If আপনি want জ্যায়াই read/watch Shonen ai.Those are full of yaoi)If it's Shonen that means there is NO chance of yaoi,People take two guys and put them together.Example:Naruto and Sasuke I know আপনি think they প্রণয় each other but they don't at the most it's brotherly if even that.

3.When আপনি take brothers অথবা any relatives of all people and put them together it tends to make the haters hate more.What's with and incest?!

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Credit to Era Izawa link

I have copy and pasted the following information from another website, so as to not risk the link becoming broken later... I've পোষ্ট হয়েছে a few লিঙ্ক in ফ্যানপপ that ended up broken later cause the page was moved. Anyways, it is a guide to help people either read অথবা draw জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা better. It explains some japanese words and things that are commonly হারিয়ে গেছে in translation and has at least helped me gain a better grasp on the language. What follows is the প্রবন্ধ as it appears from the link I pasted above this paragraph and the প্রবন্ধ is written দ্বারা Era Izawa titled "What's Lost...
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I was pleasantly surprised দ্বারা Adam Sexton and Yali Lin's version of "Romeo & Juliet." The plot stayed true to the original play, and I did not notice that any significant events অথবা details were left out. Overall, it was enjoyable and easy to understand.

The art was full of emotion and detail without being too over-the-top. With some interpretations of classical literature, the art almost seems too modern অথবা futuristic. For me, this makes the whole book অথবা drawing seem awkward. This edition was a good balance of Japanese art and Shakespearean society.

Even though the characters were wearing...
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we have seen lately started arriving new mangaka who seek work and develop creativity infine arts and literature to form a project ' manga. They present a variety of themes such as action, comedy, romance, tragedy, fantasy, adapted from the story and even reality. Not a few also from those who are adapting অথবা his work was adapted from games and anime, so the world of অ্যানিমেশন and visual art become আরো varied.
Behind the cute জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা character, unique, interesting, and entertaining, it turns out pornography in it, too. আপনি could say these elements in a জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা is almost regarded as commonplace,...
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I mostly read mainstream ফ্যান্টাসি জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা like One Piece and Naruto, but sometimes I find an interesting জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা outside of that category and now I want to let people know about them.

These are mangas that I have read অথবা is পাঠ করা and that I think that আরো people should know about, I will explain as much as I can without spoiling anything of the stories.
Remember this is NOT a শীর্ষ 10 তালিকা these Mangas is not listed in any perticular order only the order I came up with adding them.

1. Bitter Virgin

This one is very sad and it is an unusual প্রণয় story.
It is very different from other জাপানি কমিকস মাঙ্গা I read...
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 Kino Hime and Kudou Senrei
Kino Hime and Kudou Senrei

Genre: Gender Bender, Comedy, Romance, Shoujo
Published: June 20, 2009 and still ongoing
Total Chapters (currently as June 14, 2012): 58
Story and Art by: Minami Maki
Volumes: 9
[Can be read online at MangaFox]

About it:

Kino Hime is a 15 বছর old girl who just started at her first বছর of high school at a school for seiyuu's (voice actors) called Hiragi Academy. All to accomplish her dream to be the voice of the main character of Japan's most জনপ্রিয় জীবন্ত series "Magic Fighter Lovely Blazers"*.
Hiragi Academy is no average school. It allows students to make debuts in...
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