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posted by s3ptamber
This place is a hole, and I don't want to go.
I wish we could stay here forever alone.
This time that we waste, but i still প্রণয় your taste.
Don't let him take my place, don't just sit there.
Sometimes I wish আপনি would leave me.
Well I'm not sick of আপনি yet, is this as good as it gets,
I'll just say it, অথবা i could slip into you,
Its so easy to come back into you.

I stand for awhile, and waited for words,
Seemed to not hurt and struggled to try.
My tongue's turning black, but I'll take আপনি back.
You're still the best আরো অথবা less, I guess.
I guess.

Don't আপনি leave me,
Well I'm not sick of আপনি yet,
Is that...
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The time was three-thirty in the morning. She had just turned off the light in her bunk to settle in and possibly get a little sleep before the tour bus rolled into the পরবর্তি stop around 9am (if they were lucky. Lucky had not been on their side on this leg of the tour.). In the dark, even above the mechanical hum of the bus motor, the multiple refrigerators and the light snoring of one exhausted drummer, she could hear someone গান গাওয়া softly. The stylist pulled her curtain back just a bit, wondering if she could hear a little better.
    Closing her eyes, she tried to place...
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