Mark Wahlberg পছন্দ Mark character?

Pick one:
Holbrooke Grant - তারিখ Night
Dignam - The Departed
Mickey - The বাস্কেটবল Diaries
Jack স্যালমন মাছ - The Lovely অস্থি
Joseph Grusinsky - We Own The Night
Micky Ward - The Fighter
Terry Hoitz - The Other Guys
Elliot Moore - The Happening
Tommy - I হৃদয় Huckabees
Vince Papale - Invincible
Bobby Mercer - Four Brothers
Bob Lee Swagger - Shooter
David McCall - Fear
Charlie Croker - The Italian Job
Troy Barlow - Three Kings
Eddie Adams/Dirk Diggler - Boogie Nights
Danny Wallace - The Corruptor
Leo Handler - The Yards
Chris "Izzy" Cole - Rock তারকা
Melvin Smiley - The Big Hit
Leo Davidson - Planet Of The Apes
Bobby Shatford - The Perfect Storm
Tommy Lee Haywood - Renaissance Man
Pat O´Hara - Traveller
Lewis Bartholamew - The Truth About Charlie
Max Payne - Max Payne
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