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posted by Temptasia
 Marvin in হাঁস Dodgers.
Marvin in Duck Dodgers.
Vital Stats
Born: July 24, 1948
Home Planet: Mars
Former Name: Commander X-2
Creator: Chuck Jones
Voice: Used to be Mel blanc but now is Joe Alaskey (except for in মহাকাশ জ্যাম and Animaniacs)
Faithful Side-kick: Commander K-9 (the মহাকাশ dog)
Other Accomplices: Instant Martians and his niece Marcia
Commanding Officer: General E.M.C. Squared
Favorite Weapons: Illudium PU-36 Explosive মহাকাশ Modulator and the ACME Disintegration Pistol
Mode of Transportation: The Martian Maggot
Mission in life: To blow up the Earth because it blocks his view of Venus.

Video Game Appearances
Game Boy:
Looney Tunes দ্বারা Sunsoft*
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