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posted by vitacoco123
Matt White may very well be the smartest man in pop music.

His latest album, It's the Good Crazy, brandishes a slick wit just under the surface of undeniably unforgettable pop melodies. Wielding a পিয়ানো and a sardonic sense of humor, White's album is a trip through being in your '20s in New York and facing প্রণয় and life head-on. The first single "Falling In প্রণয় (With My Best Friend)" channels Elton John and Woody Allen equally, combining a soaring hook and vivid storytelling. Then there's "Taking On Water," which drowns in a gorgeous melody that's haunting and hypnotic. প্রদত্ত his fiery পিয়ানো playing and sharp lyrics, Matt deserves to be the new face of pop, and this album makes a loud case for