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1. Thunder doesnt like any make up. He thinks that “skins are becoming worse’"

2. Mblaq members think that ‘’Thunder is a cautious person’’ and he is agree with them

3. “Thunder has a little cautious while doing exercising, this type of character disappear" – Mir

4. All of Mblaq members are thinking that Seungho has a lot of interests and hobbies thats why it looks like he is trying to be tough

5. Once Shindong and Eunhyuk said; “Siwon has the same style as Cheondung"

6. G.O ব্যক্ত that “we have experience about ghosts. We have two toilets in the house. One in the living room, another is in bedroom. On one occasion, Mir left alone in the house to rest. After 40 minutes, he came and ব্যক্ত there was someone in the bedroom toilet and when we went to toilet, we couldnt see anyone"

7. Jia from Miss A voted for Mir and Mir voted for Jia

8. “Mir will usually feel nervous in front of girls group idols" – G.O

9. Mir thinks that Jia is nice but she isn’t his ideal type

10. “Mir’s ideal type is SNSD’s Taeyeon" – G.O

11. Lee Joon has a স্ক্যান্ডাল with হাওনা before

12. Once Joon ব্যক্ত that “im feeling good things about হাওনা because we are close friends"

13. Mir wants to marry with a girl like his mother !

14. Although Joon is really hardworking person, He is really bad at lots of lessons

15. Mir loves girls so much but he isnt playboy. Moreover, he is sometimes so romantic person

16. Mir is the younger brother of Korean actress Go Eun Ah

17. Mir didn’t have to audition to get in MBLAQ, because JTUNE’s CEO is his brother in law

18. Mir really likes to make people smell his feet. On the other hand, he loves disturb everyone

19. Mir likes to hold his fart all দিন until he releases it and smells. x)

20. Once Mir has ব্যক্ত that he has to wear/use everything that his অনুরাগী give him because they use their allowance for the sake of the celebrities.

21. Once Mir sold a cow in order to pay for a তারিখ with his girlfriend.

22. Mir shares a room with Seungho, Joon, and his manager

23. Mir has a fear of needles!

24. Mir believes that, when আপনি go to Japan, আপনি must buy a certain type of magazines to get in tune with the culture.

25. Mir’s পছন্দ color is brown

26. Mir’s পছন্দ খাবার is chicken stir fry

27. Mir loves জীবন্ত so much

28. Mir’s পছন্দ cartoon are One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Psyren, Monster and জীবন্ত of Hayao Mizaki

29. Thunder is Dara’s baby brother

30. Thunder joined J.Tune, Mblaq last and only had a few months to catch up before debut.

31. Thunder has a very straight posture.

32. Thunder grew up in the Philippines

33. Thunder has only one Double eye lid (left eye)

34. Thunder loves Meat

35. Thunder prefers to funny and cute girls more

36. Joon can be look like relax but inside, He is a little bit shy

37. Joon has a great personality

39. Thunder speaks English,Korean and Tagalog

40. Thunder has no girlfriend Since Birth

41. when Mir was at high school, a girl asked him to be couple but Mir ব্যক্ত ”no” because she wasnt pretty but later, Mir saw her at Korea and they started to hang out but girl cheated Mir with 2 other boys

42. Thunder takes Care of his skin a lot (lemona/vitamin C)

43. Thunder is a former Loen Entertainment trainee

44. Thunder used to play the violin

45. Mir and G.O are আরো interested with girls than Thunder

46. Thunder knows how to play the piano

47. Thunder is the smartest member of MBLAQ

48. Mir is really bad at speaking in english

49. Thunder has a funny sleeping habit of kicking while sleeping

50. Seungho loves পিজা so much

51. Thunder afraid of spiders

52. Thunder get’s sleep paralysis like Dara which is why his Joon hyung worries and sometimes sleep পরবর্তি to him

53. Thunder used to eating in small proportions so he doesn’t gain weight easily.

54. Joon prefers ballads

55. Thunder is really ticklish

56. G.O is cleanfeak.

57. G.O Takes a bath for an hour

58. G.O loves to cook

59. Mir and Joon are আরো hardworking than G.O but G.O is আরো successful about lessons

60. G.O has been in 11 relationships.

61. G.O has a weird sleeping habit. His head can touch his back. At a 90deg. angle.

62. When G.O was younger, he peed in his sister’s room

63. G.O is really trustful and hones person ever

64. G.O He is lefthanded

65. Seungho is only MBLAQ member that uses his real name

66. Seungho Supposed to use ‘Mir’ as his stage name at first.

67. Seungho always licks his lips

68. Seungho learned Gymnastics, Hapkido, and Judo.

69. Seungho knows how to play the piano, guitar, draw, beatbox, breakdance, and can do card tricks.

70. Every MBLAQ members are thinking that “Seungho is talented"

71. Seungho was the Class President (even School Captain) all throughout high school.

72. All of MBLAQ members are playful and they are enjoying together so much

73. Seungho can easily fall asleep in a matter of seconds

74. Seungho can use chopsticks with both hands

75. Seungho and Soyeon (T-ara) are best বন্ধু in real life. They have known each other for 8 years because they went to the same high school

76. The other members (mainly Joon) stated that he can fix anything. When something breaks অথবা stops working, Seungho’s the man to go to.

77. Thunder and Mir is আরো close each other

78. Joon is always jogging with Mir

79. Seunghp good at soccer.

80. Seungho likes woman who is good in cooking, pretty and kind. A perfect woman.

81. Thunder’s future wife should be helpful

82. Seungho can impersonate the error in the computer

83. Seungho is scared of rats

84. Mir is looking girls feets first…

85. Mir is thinking that ”feets must be cleaned no matter what”

86. Joon used to train as a dancer, especially in ballet.

87. Joon almost burned his house down and sent his sister to the emergency room, all in an attempt to recreate scenes from প্রথমপাতা Alone.

89. Joon has an amazing heart

90. Joon is very sensitive and cried when there was a hidden camera prank on him in Idol Army.

91. Joon is আরো talented than everyone but He doesnt prefer to প্রদর্শনী all the time..

92. Joon has to be everyone’s number one, অথবা else he tends to pester the person asking, “WHY? WHY? WHY? I’ll change it for you!"

93. When Joon has his hair up in a bun, it usually means he didn’t wash his hair.

94. When আপনি catch him off guard, Joon stutters.

95. Joon doesn’t wash his body; he only shampoos his hair and lets it run down onto his body.

96. Joon didn’t know that there is no time difference between Korea and Japan.

97. Joon’s first চুম্বন happened when his noona dragged him to the roof.

98. Mir is স্নেহ চুম্বন with his older sister

99. Seungho was MBLAQ’s manager before they had one.
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