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নমস্কার guys!
I wanted to give আপনি guys so really useful লিঙ্ক and guides to the Kagerou Project, hope you'll appreciate!


Here is a link to all the ORIGINAL চলচ্ছবি for Kagerou Project পোষ্ট হয়েছে দ্বারা the creator Jin!

Here is a link to my playlist for all the Kagerou Project songs, English subbed. This includes songs without a PV. It's not done, but will be soon. Please support my channel!

What? Novels? Yes, the creator of Kagerou Project, Jin has created novels to the series. It tells আপনি a lot আরো about the story, I প্রণয় পাঠ করা them. Not all of them have been translated yet, but...
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posted by michelle1654
I had a dream that I was hanging out with the Mekakushi Dan. So they went to different rooms অথবা they went outside. I stayed with Kano because he wanted to get the ladies (he seriously did), so I helped him even though I found the whole idea hilarious. For some reason there were girls in the house, and Kano was trying to be a gentleman to all of them at once. He asked me to make চিনাবাদাম মাখন and জেলি sandwiches(wtf) for them. I helped him out even though it was still freaking funny. For some reason, he somehow fucked up the তারিখ with them all. I হারিয়ে গেছে it and started laughing my গাধা off. He was crouching on the floor and looked like he was crying, so I apologized. He was just deceiving me because as soon I ব্যক্ত sorry, he got up happily and ব্যক্ত "okay!" Then we went to the গ্যারেজ and all of the Mekakushi Dan, including me, started playing hide and seek.

wut... this is sad

I don't care how terrible that paragraph and dream was because I have no idea what the hell was happening.