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My Sweet Sister,Mia.......

Today as আপনি know is your birthday.I want to be one of the first to wish আপনি a very Happy Birthday.I am so glad I know you.I considered আপনি one of my sisters right from the start.We have sooooooo much in common,the most important being our deep,mutual প্রণয় for Twilight,along with Edward&Bella,Robert&Kristen,both as a couple and individually.I am sure we have other things in common,too.

I cannot say অথবা think of enough words to express what an amazing,wonderful,special person আপনি are,Mia and for everything আপনি have done.You are beautiful inside and out,Mia.I know...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
Mia,I amore you!!!You are my sister always and forever.We haven't known each other all that long,but I feel as if we have known each other all our lives.We have some things in common-the most important thing being our deep and abiding প্রণয় for Twilight,Edward and Bella,Robsten,Kristen,Robert and a প্রণয় for our sister,Krissy.We are the sisters of the Twilight Saga!!!!!!!!!!

আপনি are an amazing person,Mia-inside and out.You are caring,friendly,honest,loyal,funny,smart.There are soooo many words to describe you,Mia and what আপনি mean to me.

I know আপনি will be there for me whenever I need you,and I will be there for আপনি when আপনি need me.If আপনি are feeling down অথবা scared অথবা want some advice,or want to share some happy (or sad)news,I will be there for you.What are sisters for,right?

We will be sisters,and I will প্রণয় আপনি for as long as Edward and Bella's প্রণয় will last...FOREVER

All my love...always and forever,Cheri
posted by AmberEdith
নমস্কার sweet sis!!

It's me. First of all:
I hope আপনি will have an amazing day!
With lots of presents, বন্ধু and family.
And no sickness! আপনি so don't deserve all of that, আপনি need to be healthy and enjoy life!
Thanks for being such a great friend, always!
You're so sweet and kind, you're together with Cheri the best sis I could wish for!
I made/found some pictures for you!
I hope আপনি like them :)

I প্রণয় আপনি forever!
posted by kristenfan10109
My dearest Mia,
I know its a দিন after your birthday but alice would say "We're celebrating anyway so suck it up!" I want to thank আপনি for always reaching out to me, being there when I needed someone to talk to, আপনি Cheri and the rest of our Twilight family are the best thing that has ever happened to me after this very hard বছর which I know hasn't been easy for আপনি either but you're so loving, sweet, kind, caring, and incredibly STRONG!! which is something I admire in আপনি greatly.
I wish আপনি the best দিন ever my Mi and hope all your birthday wishes come true আপনি deserve it and so much আরো I প্রণয় আপনি sis now and forever!!
All my love,
Krissy (Kelsey) xoxo's
posted by kristenfan10109
 Edward and Mia
Edward and Mia
My Dearest Mia,
What can I say? Is there any word in the world that can describe আপনি there are a couple that come to mind strong, wonderful, incredible, beauty but there isn't just only one to sum আপনি all up.
আপনি are such a wonderful person person Mi I can't imagine a world where আপনি don't exist আপনি a such a bright light that shines and warms my হৃদয় আপনি always there when I need আপনি and incredibly protective I've never been আরো নিরাপদ in my life then when I'm with আপনি and Cheri.
Know that your always in my thoughts and in my হৃদয় and no matter what অথবা where ever my takes me আপনি will always and forever be my sister! I প্রণয় আপনি Mi

All my love,
Krissy Bear