Michael & Alex Why We প্রণয় Michael & Alex?

MissAllisonLove posted on Dec 24, 2010 at 03:14PM
I just watch the serie last night and i fall in love with this two..
They are awesome and i will love to meet and read the thoughts of other people who ship them.
I didn't see a Topic Forum so I made one...

Why we love Michael and Alex?

Because the way they look each other says it pretty much everything!
They are awesome and the chemistry is so amazing between this two...

So you can post in this to say something about why you love them, meet new people and another things you want to share..

(I didn't made this spot but i will love to know who!)
 I just watch the serie last night and i fall in প্রণয় with this two.. They are awesome and i will lov

Michael & Alex 3 উত্তর

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বছরখানেক আগে DelenaLover said…
I love them because of how he is with her. He's always saving her and looking out for her, doing whatever he can to make sure nothing happens to her. Its all in his facial expression. The looks on his face is what got me shipping them in the first place. In 1x02 when Alex was in the room with the ambassador or whoever and Michael was standing outside and he could hear her screaming and struggling he got this really intense look on his face and then he barged in and I was sold. The intensity that he sometimes looks at her is amazing, he looks at her even when its not necessary. She seems more comfortable around him than anyone else at Division and I think to an extent she trusts him, she stands up to him, she's not afraid of him. And the scenes they've had show that he cares for her and everyone else seems to have noticed that he's different with her than the other recruits. And I think she also cares about him, the look on her face when she saw his leg in 1x11 shows that. Just everything about the way they are with each other, the way they look at each other, the things they say and all the tension between them is everything I love about them.
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বছরখানেক আগে MissAllisonLove said…
Word Girl I agree everything you said! They are Epic!
বছরখানেক আগে goodekl said…
I think that Alex is so much more than just another Nikita to Michael.
I think that she’s his redemption, his second chance at true love since the lost of his wife and daughter.
When Michael is around Alex he seems more humane, he’s not this robot second in command agent that has spent years and years cutting off his emotions and doing what Percy wants him to do without any questions asked. Thanks to Alex, we see Michael questioning some of Percy motives {the Alex torture scene} and breaking protocol just help and protect her.
Also, Alex is very drawn to him; she’s very curious about him. I think Alex finds Michael to be very different than all the other agents and recruits and that she , subconsciously, feels like she can trust him, maybe not with her double agent agenda yet, but when it comes to someone saving her, protecting her, and just being there for her- I think that she is starting to see that she can rely on Michael for those things and not just Nikita. Also, the way her eyes drift to him every time he comes into the room points out all the undertones of potential feelings, interest, etc. Alex also stands up to him like no other recruit/younger agent does. I think that they both share a mutual respect and understanding even though she’s his recruit/agent and he’s her superior agent/trainer.
And last but certainly not least, their chemistry is practically flammable and tangible.

So I hope that after Mikita is re-explored and get that closure that they were denied then Malex will be fully explored, but for now I just love all of their moments.