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1.Scream~ I প্রণয় this সঙ্গীত video so much. I প্রণয় the song too. I প্রণয় how the B&W brings out Michael's beautiful eyes. The idea of a মহাকাশ ship is just so cool! I প্রণয় that Janet is in the সঙ্গীত video too. I প্রণয় her hair! The way Michael and Janet act and dance together in the video is so cute! Like where they are both playing video games together. I also প্রণয় it when Michael smashes things. Is it just me অথবা dose something strange always happen when Michael Jackson yells? Like in Black অথবা white when he yells the whole town goes crazy. And in Moonwalker when everything brakes because he...
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I smiled at the sound of AJ's tiny little feet scurrying down the hall and into my bedroom. She climbed on the বিছানা and asked "daddy why are আপনি packing our suitcases?" I ব্যক্ত "remember, I told আপনি a couple days after your third birthday we would be leaving because I have to go back to work." She ব্যক্ত "daddy I don't want to leave! I want to stay here!" I ব্যক্ত "I know and trust me I don't want to leave here either! We won't be gone very long this time though! We'll be back about 35 days from now." She responded "35 days… that's going to take forever!" I ব্যক্ত "just think about it; when we get...
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Michael and Frank were in their limo on the way back to the suite after another very long day. Michael looked out the window admiring the grand sights of New York City. He has been here numerous times but never truly got to experince walking along the streets hearing the taxi cabs honking, seeing the people going and coming, and smelling the pretzels দ্বারা the রাস্তা vendor's selling their goods. The only things he got to see and hear was behind a bullet proof glass. As the limo stopped at a red light Michael smiled seeing a father and his two little children, all three smiling and laughing together....
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Within hours, Alicia, Kevin and Jermaine were on a plane and heading to Nevada. Back at the hotel, michael tries to call the police but he all of a sudden loses signal, so michael is forced to wait until Alicia, Kevin and Jermaine arrive.

After the long plane ride to neveda, they all got into a taxi which Alicia had made sure would be waiting for them when they landed. "C'mon guys lets go!" Alicia ব্যক্ত eager to get michael প্রথমপাতা safe. No one objected and hopped into the taxi. "Take us to the abondoned স্বর্ণ field hotel." Alicia told the driver as she gave him a 100 dollar bill. The driver took...
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Diane awoke early the পরবর্তি morning, realizing that it was saturday morning and she didnt have to go to work. She then laid her head back on michael's chest and tried to go back to sleep, but couldnt. So Diane slowly got up, without waking michael and headed into the bathroom and took a shower. Afterward she put on her বাথরুম and went to her closet to find some clothes. "You're up early." a voice said, Diane turned around to see that michael was awake. "I woke up and couldnt go back to sleep..so i just decided to go ahead and get up." Diane said. Michael ব্যক্ত nothing and closed it his eyes...
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6 Hours Later
I woke up, feeling arms around me. I looked behind me and saw Michael. I blushed and looked to my left and right and realized I was in between his legs. Thank goodness my back was to him, otherwise people would think we were up to something in the tree. Especially the press and their idea of lying about what they'd seen. I turned my head back to Michael and moved some of his hair out of his face with one of my hands. To my surprise, he opened his eyes.
"Hey sleepyhead." I said.
He chuckled a little. "Hey Rebecca." He said.
I looked at my watch and saw that it was 9am. (Me: we went...
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All throughout the beginning of the rehearsal, Michael and I kept glancing at each other. Well, not at the same time. If he saw me looking at him, I'd blush and turn away and I'd hear him giggle. Then vice versa. We worked on the beginning scene 20 times. It felt like a million times, though...to me, at least. We were due for a break soon, though...and I couldn't wait.
Break Time
"Okay everyone, lunch break!" Frank said.
Kelly ran up to me with Sean and Brandon and hugged me. "You were great!" She told me, all excited.
I smiled and hugged her back and said, "Thanks. You, Sean and Brandon were great,...
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"Cant believe this!" Diane ব্যক্ত to herself in shock. "Why did this happen?....i dont understand." Diane ব্যক্ত to herself. "Okay Diane get yourself together...just breathe." Diane got up and walked out of her office, outside to try and maybe see if a afternoon stroll would help clear her mind. As she was walking she saw Alicia. Relief flooded Diane, "Hey alicia." Diane called. Alicia gave Diane a disgusted look and began to walk in the other direction. "Alicia! wait!" Diane ran until she caught up with her. "Get away from me." Alicia ব্যক্ত coldy. "Why are আপনি being so mean to me, আপনি were always...
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 The dress that Rebecca had in mind when she was dreaming of her wedding when she was little
The dress that Rebecca had in mind when she was dreaming of her wedding when she was little
6 months later
Rebecca and Michael were 2 months away from being married. And during that time, Rebecca and Crystal were finding dresses for the wedding. They looked through the dresses, trying to find one that would work for Rebecca. "Hey, how about this one?" Crystal asked. Crystal showed Rebecca one of the dresses. It flowed like she wanted it. "It's really pretty. I'll go try it on." Rebecca said. Rebecca took the dress and went into the dressing room to change into it. After a few minutes, she came back out in the dress. "What do আপনি think, Crystal?" She asked. Crystal turned and her jaw...
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 what he wore
what he wore
In the city
Michael and Aislinn walked to the theater. "Michael, it's my turn to spoil you. I'll buy the tickets and drinks and popcorn." She told him. "Can I have m&ms, too? Haha." He asked. Aislinn loved it when he acted childish. "Sure, Michael. আপনি need something sweet anyway." "Yay~. I প্রণয় you, Aislinn." Aislinn giggled. "I প্রণয় you, too, Michael." She pulled his mask down and kissed him. She covered his mouth back up and they walked into the theater and went up to the counter. "May I- Aislinn?" The lady said. "Kelly? Why are আপনি working? I thought আপনি didn't work today." "I volunteered...
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“Hey Mike, আপনি ready to go again?” Chris ব্যক্ত as he walked in. Michael quickly let go of Brooke.
“Yeah sure, hold on,” Michael wrote something on a piece of paper and gave it to Brooke, pretending it was an autograph as he gave her a wink, “Here আপনি go, it was nice to meet you.”
“You too, Michael.” Brooke ব্যক্ত as she walked out the door. She looked at the message on the paper... “Brooke, meet me at my hideout tonight at 7. I wanna know আরো about আপনি than just your beautiful face. I’ll make sure security lets আপনি in. The address is 25 East-end Avenue. If আপনি can’t make it,...
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since that day, its go on and on for the past 6 months. until her mom and michael give her some news
"hey klariza, i need to talk to you" her mom said
"whats up??" klariza said
"we are getting married" michael said
"what????" klariza ব্যক্ত freaking out
"yes, its going its on for another 2 weeks, and we are going to the rehearsal ডিনার 5 আরো days and.."
"whatever... happy wedding আপনি guys" she ব্যক্ত as she walk to her room.
"what the..... what is she." her mom said
"i'll go talk to her" he said

as he got upstairs he was surprised দ্বারা seeing 5 doors that have the 'klariza's room' signs
so, he went to every...
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posted by Nevermind5555
For a long time I was going to buy VISION DVD. But I decided first to ask other অনুরাগী who already bought VISION about their opinion.
I know that visual it looks great !
The 3D cover, golden letters and a book with ছবি inside the box. But I'm আরো interested in some technical informations.

I was searching on other ফোরাম and unfortunately a lof of অনুরাগী are dissapointed with this DVD :(
They complain about low sound quality অথবা even about quality of some চলচ্ছবি like: "The Way আপনি Make Me Feel" অথবা "Billie Jean".

So my প্রশ্ন is: What do আপনি think guys about VISION ? ( the most wanted are informations from অনুরাগী who already have that and watched all three DVDs but of course it will also nice to hear the opinion from others who still don't have it and just like me have got some doubts)
Are আপনি satisfied with VISION ?

And here problems about অনুরাগী complain: (unfortunately it's not everything)
 *green screen during 'In the Closet' video*
*green screen during 'In the Closet' video*
 *low quality*
*low quality*
 *comparison: 'Moonwalker' quality (blu-ray version) vs. VISION quality*
*comparison: 'Moonwalker' quality (blu-ray version) vs. VISION quality*