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Well, I'm going to start with my family and then my friends. Alright, here I go.

Dad... I know আপনি প্রণয় me a lot.. And we don't usually have a lot in common, but just know that I'll প্রণয় আপনি 'til the very end, okay? Bye. (:

Mom... আপনি are the best mom I ever have! I know you're usually overprotective of Jer sometimes. ILY!

Stan... I know আপনি and I don't talk very much about ANYTHING, but আপনি always give me the best advice. Stay cool, Stanley. xDDD

Jeremy.. Oh god, I have so much to say about you! আপনি are the best twin bro I ever have! Just know that আপনি can tell me anything, okay? প্রণয় you, Jer....
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Me গান গাওয়া Blackbirds দ্বারা Linkin Park. Remember, I don't sing really good, due to the fact that I have a scratchy throat whenever I do it. So, enjoy! (x
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I've seen this before and I believe it hurt like hell when Mysterion jumped for it. O_O Enjoy, btw.
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 I'll miss আপনি dearly, Stan..
I'll miss you dearly, Stan..
আপনি mean so much to me, Stan Marsh. Please, don't leave us.. I know it's hard for me and I know it's hard for আপনি too. I will not forget আপনি at all, my best friend. I'll stand up for আপনি forever even if it means getting my life endangered.
Remember those times that আপনি were always with me and Gina? I do and for that matter, I won't forget it and also that আপনি saved my life twice in the same week.
Thanks for everything we had, Stan. I really don't want আপনি to leave and neither does Gina. ):
Your bestest friend in the whole universe,
P.S. I got আপনি a DP and a picture so that আপনি can remember me after your departure.
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