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Miley Cyrus
After weeks of anticipation, Miley Cyrus' new সঙ্গীত video for "Wrecking Ball"—the সেকেন্ড single from her forthcoming album Bangerz—has hit the web, and no surprise, the clip is bound to raise some eyebrows.
"It's officially here #wreckingballonvevoNOW," the 20-year-old pop তারকা tweeted this morning.
There's not a twerking teddy ভালুক in sight in the video directed দ্বারা Terry Richardson, which emphasizes Miley's সঙ্গীত instead of mind-blowing moments like we saw in the clip for But while Miley may leave her signature twerking skills at home, the scandalous তারকা still manages to create controversy,...
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নিক জোন্স্‌
Nick Jonas
Recently in the week of Monday October 20th, 2008 Nick Jonas opened up to Bravo Magazine (From Germany) about his relationship and feelings with Miley Cyrus. He said....

“ I’m very disappointed in Miley. I can’t see the good in her taking the relationship public. The song 7 things and her behaviour, really makes me sad...

We promised at the time that the relationship was just a thing between us and that nobody else about our love. And now this! But fortunately I have my brothers, Joe and Kevin. They helped me deal with it and absorb all the history...

We have a great friendship and I am...
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Are আপনি paying attention, Simon Cowell? Miley Cyrus - our blonde-Mohawked June cover girl - knows exactly how to spot that all-elusive X factor.

‘A তারকা is someone who doesn’t have to take her clothes off to be sexy because আপনি naturally have তারকা power,’ she told ELLE writer Janice Turner. ‘Sex does sell, but আপনি have to find a way that’s not just প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে your tits. I don’t want to be a glorified model. They just walk on stage and it’s all about their clothes – অথবা lack of clothes.’

So for us, meeting Miley was very much to do having her bring her own persona to some of the...
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Snoop Dogg worked with Miley Cyrus on the song “Ashtrays & Heartbreaks.” During an interview with the Huffington Post, Snoop Dogg spoke about working with Miley, and he mentioned that she is no longer in a relationship with Liam Hemsworth.

I can’t speak for her, ya know what I’m saying? But I know that she has a relationship that no longer exists. I know she’s probably in a transformation change with her life, her সঙ্গীত [and] her career. She’s 20 years old and she’s an awesome artist to work with. She knows what she wants in life. I feel like maybe this is a time for her to take charge like I’m taking charge.
So, are Miley and Liam really broken up? Miley was seen wearing her engagement ring one দিন this week, but it was off last week, so we’re confused!
Rumor has it that Ashley Greene is in negotiations to যোগদান Miley Cyrus’ movie LOL, which also stars Demi Moore.

The movie is about Miley’s character being dumped দ্বারা her boyfriend while her divorced mother, Demi, and herself try to সরানো on with their lives. The movie is a remake of a French movie made in 2008, and it is likely that Demi Moore will play Miley’s mom in the movie.

In the film, Miley’s character has been cast off দ্বারা her boyfriend and decides to pursue his best friend, while at the same time her mother is divorced and is finding it difficult to restart her life as a single lady while trying to maintain a relationship with her daughter.

The new version of the film will be written and directed দ্বারা the original writer/director of the French film, Lisa Azuelos. According to IMDB.com, Douglas Booth has been cast in the movie as well and rumor has it he will be playing Miley’s প্রণয় interest.
In two weeks the last season of Hannah Montana will come out in the USA, but Miley has already left her innocent Hannah days behind her.

Miley's latest performances in Rock in Rio in Lisbon and Madrid have caused lots of people to wonder, where is the sweet Hannah Montana? Where are the jeans and t-shirts? Looks like she left all that behind and is now going for low cut outfits আরো in the style of Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera.

Miley has got a lot of flack for this new image that she is presenting to the wold. But she has defended herself, saying that just because she is looking a little harder and sexier, doesn't mean that she is a rebel into dangerous things.

Miley knows that she is being criticized but she doesn't care. She ব্যক্ত that she isn't going to be what everyone else wants her to be, but instead will follow her her and be herself.
posted by pmjlover1997
verse 1:
i can almost see it
that dream i'm dreaming
but there's a voice inside my head saying
'you'll never reach it'
every step i'm taking
every সরানো i'm make feels
হারিয়ে গেছে with no direction
my faith is shaking
but i gotta keep trying
gotta keep my head held high
there's always gonna be another mountain
i'm always gonna make it move
always gonna be an uphill battle
sometimes i'm gonna have to lose
ain't about how fast i get there
ain't about what's waiting on the other side
it's the climb
verse 2:
the struggles i'm facing
the chances i'm taking
sometimes may knock me down
but no,i'm not breaking
i may know it
but these are moments that
i'm gonna remember most,yeah
just gotta keep going
and i,i gotta be strong
just keep on pushing on
keep on moving,keep climbing
keep the faith,baby
it's all about,it's all about the climb
keep the faith,keep your faith,whoah
Miley Cyrus is one of the richest stars in Hollywood.

So, we guess that spending $30,000 on hair extensions is no big deal for her.

That's right. She spent that much on specialty extensions designed just for her. Did আপনি think her hair was real? Well, it isn't. It is enhanced দ্বারা $30,000 worth of extensions.

The extensions were made in Italy and she had it dyed to be the same color as her natural hair. That's why at her concerts Miley's hair looks আরো attractive and longer than ever.

All stars try to take good care of their image. Now we know that Miley is especially concerned with her hair style!
Yesterday, Miley Cyrus was seen at an event for Blessings in a backpack. If আপনি see closely (the pics I uploaded to the club), আপনি can see on Miley's ear that she has a new tattoo that says "LOVE" on it. Could Miley possibly have done it for Liam? She probably did. Check out the close-up ছবি here and write comments!

Miley and Liam's relationship is great so I personally think she got it just for him. I think it looks great on her along with her other tattoo she got in early summer last বছর that says "JUST BREATHE." I প্রণয় Miley's sense of style and she always looks great!
 Miley Cyrus' "Love" Tattoo
Miley Cyrus' "Love" Tattoo
 omg she showed her back? everyone shes a bad role model now!! :/
omg she showed her back? everyone shes a bad role model now!! :/
WARNING!If আপনি were shocked about her ছবি and think that she is a bad role model, i really suggest আপনি KEEP READING!!

So as we all know Miley Cyrus has done a few things in her past that havn't been "role" model like and "bad"; eg-

-Took pictures of herself in her swimming costume.
-Took pictures with her boyfreind and had her শীর্ষ up so people can see stomach.
-Took a picture pulling down her শীর্ষ to প্রদর্শনী her green bra.

Now when these were leaked onto the internet Miley got alot of bad reviews and people started judging her and saying all these comments.

To me people were harsh and i really...
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posted by TrueCelebScoop
Miley news flash! We found out today that Miley Cyrus is dating JOE Jonas! Not Nick Jonas! Joe had just recently broke up with Chelsea Staubs, and is now dating Miley! And they were making out!
Also, Nick and Chelsea are now dating! Kevin might be left in the dust, but Miley was caught giving Kevin a huge hug. So, I guess everything is good now.
Miley may have broke up with lucas Till, অথবা she might have been single. Who knows?
And guess what? Miley is now in a new band called My Suprise.

Huge suprise!
In this weird trikini Miley Cyrus showed up in Toronto, where last Sunday the MuchMusic awards প্রদর্শনী was held...

Miley showed that she could care less what people think of her when she showed up in this trikini made of leather and sang, Party in the USA. This is a outfit that is going to upset some ex Miley অনুরাগী for sure. On the other hand, we have to applaud Miley for being who she is, and not trying to be something she is not. She is following her own vision, but her own vision just happens to be a trikini.

In Toronto Miley caused a big fuss. People loved her প্রদর্শনী and had a great time watching not only Miley, but also a special guest who showed up on stage. Can আপনি guess who? We will give আপনি a hint. He is from Canada....
When Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber hung out at the Beacher’s Madhouse club together they did আরো than just flirt according to sources who were there! One individual revealed that the two decided to প্রদর্শনী off their dance moves for their friends, and told Hollywood Life:

Yeah, they did [dance together.] Miley can dance her a** off and Justin I’m sure had fun dancing with her. He grinded up against her a few times and people were laughing and Miley was like ‘Oh Wow.’ But it wasn’t anything serious, it’s just how everyone dances.

We’re pretty sure that Justin wouldn’t be grinding with Miley if he was still dating Selena Gomez, in fact he probably wouldn’t even be hanging out with her since Miley and Selena aren’t friends.
One of the most exciting moments of any celeb wedding is seeing what the bride’s dress looks like. So what will Miley be wearing? Everyone wants to know!

Some designers came up with ideas of what they think the future Mrs. Hemsworth will be wearing. Here's how they explained their dress creations:

1.Angel Rivera: "Since Miley is a young bride, I could see her wanting a fairytale ball গাউন, gown style dress."

2.Mariana Aguirre of Agua Dulce: " We think she'll want to continue her sexy style but with classic touches. Agua Dulce silk sweetheart neckline dress with structured peplum bodice. Soft Chantilly...
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posted by maritina12345
 Her hair was a huge part of the equation: The curly bob was elegant but not fussy.
Her hair was a huge part of the equation: The curly bob was elegant but not fussy.
While the rest of the world was paying attention to Angelina Jolie’s sexy right leg at the Oscars (and rushing to follow its inevitable Twitter feed), we were poring over প্রতিমূর্তি from Vanity Fair‘s annual Oscar bash and couldn’t stop looking at Miley Cyrus. She’s always been cute, from her Hannah Montana days on, but this was one of those put-her-on-the-beauty map moments. WOW. She nailed it! This was a whole new Miley and we প্রণয় it. We were fixated on how glamorous and grown up the 19-year-old looked.

Her hair was a huge part of the equation: The curly bob was elegant but not fussy....
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George Sampson: I have a crush on Miley Cyrus

Britain's Got Talent তারকা wants a dance-off with her

Friday, 8 August 2008

George Sampson says he’s got a soft spot for teen তারকা Miley Cyrus.

And the Britain’s Got Talent winner reckons he’d impress her with his break dancing moves.

‘I’ve got a secret crush on Miley Cyrus,’ he says.

‘I’d প্রণয় to do a dance-off with her. Can আপনি put a good word in?’

But it looks like George will have to fight off 14-year-old EastEnders তারকা Madeline Duggan first.

‘George is so fit. I want to give him my number but I don’t know if he watches EastEnders and will know who I am,’ she tells the Daily Mirror.

‘My dad probably won’t let me তারিখ him but who cares? I’m gonna ask my press office to speak to his and swap phone numbers.’

Madeline plays Lauren Branning in the BBC soap.
নমস্কার have u heard about Miley Cyrus' new album called The Time Of Our Lives? Well this album was just released August 31, 2009 and is a Walmart Exclusive AKA only sold @ Walmart stores. These r the tracks:

1. Kicking And Screaming
2. Party In The USA
3. When I Look At You
4. Time Of Our Lives
5. Talk Is Cheap
6. Obsessed
7. Before The Storm (Live)


also she is staring in a 2010 movie called The Last Song
little is known about this movie অথবা the album.
Miley Cyrus is one lucky lady and it seem she just can’t stop talking about it! After bagging herself a finace in the form of hottie Liam Hensworth, Miley revealed in this month’s Marie Claire why she’ll never get jealous when Liam hangs out with his sexy co-stars. Liam may well be on of the most sexy guys in Hollywood but Miley ব্যক্ত that it doesn’t really bother her.

”People will say, ‘Oh Liam is so close to Jennifer Lawrence [Hunger Games],” she told Marie Claire. ”Well yeah, they just shot a movie together! He’s supposed to ignore her because she’s a chick? I could be...
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Two superstars are gracing the September covers of Marie Claire and Elle, and we are leaving it up to আপনি to decide who is the cuter covergirl. Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry both look amazing with their similar mesh outfits and bejeweled photographs. To শীর্ষ it off, they each give great personal insight regarding relationships and marriage in the magazines’ related articles. It’s a tough call choosing which diva does it better, so can আপনি pick who wins this ultimate covergirl competition?

Below are both stunning black and white shots আপনি can find between the pages:

And lastly, we’ll let you...
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 Recently I read an প্রবন্ধ দ্বারা Giulia "SCANDAL BUT DOES MILEY CYRUS AND SELENA GOMEZ 'BORING" which says that a তারকা who does not scandals (in this case as Selena Gomez) is boring but a তারকা who makes scandals (as Miley Cyrus) is not boring!
Recently I read an article by Giulia "SCANDAL BUT DOES MILEY CYRUS AND SELENA GOMEZ 'BORING" which says that a star who does not scandals (in this case as Selena Gomez) is boring but a star who makes scandals (as Miley Cyrus) is not boring!
Hello Boys! Junior is now the editor eagerly awaited! In fact, this column are published প্রবন্ধ written দ্বারা users! Today is the time of Katrina, which responds to an প্রবন্ধ on Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, saying that ...

Hello everyone!
Recently I read an প্রবন্ধ দ্বারা Giulia "SCANDAL BUT DOES MILEY CYRUS AND SELENA GOMEZ 'BORING" which says that a তারকা who does not scandals (in this case as Selena Gomez) is boring but a তারকা who makes scandals (as Miley Cyrus) is not boring!

I am not at all agree with what আপনি wrote! Because I think a তারকা is a bad example দ্বারা স্ক্যান্ডাল for his fans!

And I am...
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