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posted by 2468244
(Ay ay ay ay ay ay a-a-ay
Woohoo woohoo
Ay ay ay ay ay ay a-a-ay
Woohoo woohoo)

I'm alone, it's just me
And I'm watching TV and I'm always
Oh so bored at home
I get up I get out drive my car
Way down town
Keep on calling but you're never around
See my বন্ধু out tonight
Under these city lights
In the club
Till someone stars a fight
Then we get in the car
Still don't know where আপনি are
I'm so pissed off
Always hanging around

I'm so tired
Your fired

I'm so jealous, restless, relentless
That's just me
I'm so crazy lately c'mon and
Let it be
Don't make me beg for the things
I need
You know what they say
Where there's a...
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posted by 2468244
I've been running in circles all দিন long
I'm out of breathe but I'm still going strong
I'm going to get you, yeah no matter what they say
You think I'm losing but I always get my way (Hey)

Don't walk away when I'm talking to আপনি (Hey)
This ain't no time for your bad attitude (Ohh) (Hey)
Don't gimme (Don't gimme) that face (That face)
When আপনি know I'm really down for the chase
'Cause my heart's already in it and I'm never gonna quit it
When আপনি finally gonna get it
Don't walk away
(When I'm talking to you)

You act, act like that I don't have a clue
You think আপনি know it all but I'm so on to you
You think...
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Don't keep me waiting, anticipating
Treating me like a fool
I got news for you
I'm turning my back
I'm droping a bomb on you

You want me
You need me
Balieve me, you'll be callin'
You প্রণয় me
You hate me
Believe me, you'll come crawlin'

So get down and get off
Let me প্রদর্শনী আপনি what you'll be missing
We break up, আপনি break down
Gonna drag আপনি through this kicking and screaming

Don't keep me guessing
I'm your পছন্দ obsession
Don't give me the lame excuse
Is it me that you're messing
It's that same old confession
You're the one with something to lose

Watch out now
Don't blackout
There's no doubt
You can't have...
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posted by SummerThunder
 Miley Cyrus' album - "Bangerz"
Miley Cyrus' album - "Bangerz"
"Drive" - দ্বারা Miley (Gorgeous) Cyrus

Drive my হৃদয় into the night
You could drop the keys off in the morning
'Cause I don't want to leave home
Without your love
Without it

You told me that আপনি wanted this
I told আপনি it was all yours
If you're done with it, then
What'd আপনি say forever for
If forever's out the door
I'll ignore when আপনি call

Drive my হৃদয় into the night
You could drop the keys off in the morning
'Cause I don't want to leave home
Without your love
Without it

You told me আপনি were coming back, right back
You promised it was real and I believe that
But if I fall for it again, I would be a fool
If our...
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posted by fan-at-KWN
Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus debuted her edgy new look, complete with platinum blonde tresses and an angled pixie cut – and we প্রণয় it!

Miley’s always been big on fashion and we think her new look স্যুইটস্‌ her playful personality. So in honor of Miley’s new ‘do, we’d like to dedicate this post to the wonderful wishes she granted for two of our very special wish kids: Paige and Daymon.

In 2009, while still filming Hannah Montana, Miley granted a wish for Paige, a 12-year-old with cystic fibrosis. Paige was able to visit the set of the প্রদর্শনী and even watch Miley tape an episode – which...
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posted by greatfanofdemi
So rockin'
He's got everything that a girl's wantin'
Guitar cutie
He plays it groovy
And I can't keep myself from doing something stupid

Think I'm really falling for his smile
Get প্রজাপতি when he says my name

He's got something special
He's got something special
And when he's looking at me, I wanna get all sentimental
He's got something special
He's got something special
I can hardly breathe, something's been telling me, telling me maybe
He could be the one
He could be the one
He could be the one....
He could be the one
He could be the one
He could be the one...

He's lightning
Sparks are flyin'...
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Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are apparently battling it out to be a judge on the ‘The X Factor’, sparking speculation that Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole will not appear on the পরবর্তি UK show.

Canadian-born তারকা Justin, 16, and Miley, 17, are both in the running for judging slots on the US version of the প্রদর্শনী alongside Simon Cowell and Cheryl.

“I know the US X Factor is coming পরবর্তি year, but everybody over here wants a job on the UK show,” the Daily তারকা quoted Justin as saying.

Miley loves the প্রদর্শনী and we were talking about how cool it would be to work in London,” he added.
Nina Dobrev has a message for Miley Cyrus and অনুরাগী of the young singer: My bad!

In an interview with Canadian magazine Fashion, The Vampire Diaries তারকা was asked about her relationship with Ian Somerhalder and if there were any plans to walk down any aisles in the near future.

“Eventually I am going to marry and have a family but not anytime soon,” the 23-year old said. “I’m not going to pull a Miley.”

But Dobrev quickly realized she unintentionally mocked Miley’s engagement to Liam Hemsworth and took to Twitter to offer a clarification/apology.

“Note to self, light hearted মতামত don’t always translate in magazine articles. Big অনুরাগী of @Mileycyrus – do আপনি need a ফুল girl? :)”

That’s pretty cute. We’d have to imagine all is forgiven now.
posted by 2468244
The weekend's almost done
The moon is low in the sky
I feel like going out
Before the night passes by
I won't just sit around
When like becomes a drag
I dance

I like the খাদ (Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up)
I like the boom (Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up)
I need গিটার (Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up)
I like that drum, when it goes... boom da boom de bump

Let's dance
What the weekend, what the night is all about
Let's dance
Grab your girlfriends, grab your boyfriends
Sweat it out
Let's dance
Move your whole body
And let's start the party
Too much rock for one girl can make her go crazy
I need someone...
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posted by TwilightNerd6
This is my সেকেন্ড one I hope আপনি like it.

I really needed to wash my face so I took off the wig and turned the tap on and splashed it in my face.It felt good.
I wiped my face with the towel and I heard a knock.
"Come in." ব্যক্ত when the opened.It was Jake, and I didn't have my wig on.
"Miley?"he asked confused.
"I can't believe it. Your Hannah Montana?"He screamed as he was shocked. That made me jump.
"Jake its not what আপনি think!"I ব্যক্ত trying to calm him down.
"Its exactly what I think."He anwsered.
"I can explain."
"Theres nothing to explain, I'm leaving."As he walked out the door I put the wig back...
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G.O.D is connected to a lot of us that he knows everything about .I believe he has a world of worlds for resources because of it. when we turn from his help to go about meeting our need in our own way with S.I.N then we naturally develop a self concealing way of life from from constantly hiding who we are and what we do.So we as an affect spiritually adapt our environment to accommodate this way of life using DARKNESS(The Devil's MATRIX). But in contrast when we live and do everything the wright way with GOD giving us honer, pride, and glory we do the same thing with LIGHT(The real world) to প্রদর্শনী off who we are and what we do in this way of life/
-The Lord's Intimacy and how to achieve it. Guidelines for a real HOLY and pure connection.With my personal philosophy. Intimacy - The sense of completely belonging together The self proclaimed disciple of intimacy Travis Morgan- প্রণয় is value and respect, and intimacy is a selfless relaxed feeling of belonging together until united as one. That is why affection goes hand in hand with the real stuff.You focus on every feeling, and emotion the other experiences from আপনি and slowly build it while it builds your own at the same time.If each person is worried about and building their own side of...
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posted by themileyupdater
1.So Under Cover October 21st 2.LOL
3.Miley's First Single From Her Upcomeing Album
4.Miley's সেকেন্ড Single From Her Upcomeing Album
5.Miley's 5th Studio Album
6.Rock in Rio
7.Miley's New Movie 'Wake'
8.Miley's Third Single From Her New Album
9.She is Going To Produce a New Movie About God
10.The Big Bang Movie. 11.She Might Possibly Work on Her Clothing Line. 12.She Might Work on a New Comdey Movie.
13.She Might Creat Her Own Fregrance Because Miley ব্যক্ত That She Might Start Working on a New Fregrance Right After She is Done With Hannah Montana.
Everyone thought that Miley didn't like Justin too much.

But it seems as though they have put all that behind them. Miley was asked who she liked more, Justin অথবা The Jonas Brothers. We thought the answer was obvious, because Miley had a relationship with Nick Jonas and didn't seem to like Justin at all.

Also, Miley is বন্ধু with Demi Lovato, Joe's girlfriend. So, her answer really surprised us all! She ব্যক্ত that she prefers Justin Bieber to the JoBros.

Her choice could mean two things. That she wants to leave the Jonas Brothers behind, অথবা that she has finally been won over দ্বারা the cute Canadian, Justin Bieber...
Seems like we're holding on forever
I gotta let it go
Time's up আপনি pushed me to surrender tonight
Who knows what happens now whatever
Where ever the wind blows
And I'm there as long as we're together

Let's have the time of our lives
Like there's no one else around
Just throw your hands up high
Even when they try to take us down
We'll have the time of our lives
Till the lights burn out
Let's laugh until we cry
Life is only what আপনি make it now
Let's have the time of our lives

Dreamers don't care if it's right
I think I'm really into you
Restless, let's leave it all behind tonight
Crazy when আপনি cross...
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Miley Cyrus is performing her song “Can’t Be Tamed” live tonight during ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars,” and now we know a bit আরো about her performance.

E! News has learned that the production is extremely elaborate, with an insider telling them:

Miley wants to make a big splash, so she’s put a lot of work into this performance.

Miley will be wearing an eye-catching outfit, but it will not be the same one she wore for her “Can’t Be Tamed” সঙ্গীত video. The dance routine for the performance was choreographed দ্বারা Jamal Sims, the same choreographer who worked on Miley’s সঙ্গীত video.

Who’s tuning in tonight?
Miley Cyrus has vowed to stay single for. a year! Miley was super hurt দ্বারা her. ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth who reportedly cheated on her, and then moved on with Eiza. Gonzalez really fast after their split.

Miley has a lot of guys she could see herself dating – from Mike Will Made It to Rolling Stone heir Theo wenner. However. , she isn’t going to jump into anything!

Miley instead revealed that she. likes. to spend. time দ্বারা herself, and she is enjoying. lounging around her প্রথমপাতা with her dogs, and spending. time. with her. friends.
Recently, we told আপনি about a rumor going around that Miley was giving up সঙ্গীত to pursue an অভিনয় career.

Her new album, Can't Be Tamed, doesn't come out until June 22, Miley is still looking ahead to what's next.

Recently she told MTV, "I think my অনুরাগী will be excited to know they've got আরো to look অগ্রবর্তী to," she said. "It's not just gonna be [this]. We've got another season of Hannah Montana, which I think people are excited about that. I'm working on a movie this summer."

She added, "I think [my অনুরাগী have] a lot to look অগ্রবর্তী to in সঙ্গীত as well," she teased.

And what do her parents...
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There is nothing better than a good meal to put the past behind.

অথবা at least this is what Justin must have thought when he invited Miley Cyrus to eat out with him at a Japanese restaurant.

They both left the restaurant feeling really happy with big smiles across their faces. Photographer were waiting for them as the exited the restaurant and caught them all smiles in the ছবি below.

Justin put up on Twitter that he had gotten together with a friend for dinner. That friend was Miley Cyrus and it was confirmed a few hours later when the ছবি of the two together went up on the net.

We hope that none of Justin's many অনুরাগী feel upset about the peace agreement he has now with Miley. Also, we hope Miley doesn't receive and threats on her Twitter for having had ডিনার with Justin!

One thing is for sure, Miley is very happy with Liam and ডিনার with Justin was nothing আরো than ডিনার between friends.
Baby, baby, are আপনি listening
Wondering where you've been all my life
I just started living
Oh baby, are আপনি listening

When আপনি say আপনি প্রণয় me,
Know I প্রণয় আপনি more
And when আপনি say আপনি need me,
Know I need আপনি more
Boy I adore you
I adore you

Baby can আপনি hear me
When I'm crying out for you
I'm scared oh so scared
But when you're near me
I feel like I'm standing with an army
I am armed with weapons

When আপনি say আপনি প্রণয় me,
Know I প্রণয় আপনি more
And when আপনি say আপনি need me,
Know I need আপনি more
Boy I adore you
I adore you

I প্রণয় lying পরবর্তি to you
I could do this for eternity, আপনি and me
We're meant to be in holy matrimony
God knew exactly what he was doing
When he led me to you

When আপনি say আপনি প্রণয় me,
Know I প্রণয় আপনি more
And when আপনি say আপনি need me,
Know I need আপনি more
Boy I adore you
I adore you

When আপনি say আপনি প্রণয় me,
Know I প্রণয় আপনি more
And when আপনি say আপনি need me,
Know I need আপনি more
Boy I adore you
I adore you