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in todays world we only have time for so many people in our lives. Milhouse is one of those special people who affects... nobody's. he is the সেকেন্ড কলা to the new age dennis the menace, bart simpson, wanted দ্বারা the FBI, at one point owned Bart's soul, and hopelessly follows around lisa simpson in attempt to get noticed দ্বারা her. his parents were হারিয়ে গেছে at sea, he was one of the first of his age to চুম্বন a girl, his dad is a "big wheel" at the বিস্কুট factory, yet somehow he manages to never be noticed দ্বারা anyone. if আপনি have a Milhouse in your life... ignore him. i mean come on i don't expect আপনি to hang out with him. he always has someone like bart.
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