Miraculous Ladybug The Final Fight

mladybug posted on Feb 01, 2019 at 03:26PM
The crowd cheered. Hawkmoth had been defeated by Ladybug And Chat Noir. “ Pound it!” Both heroes yelled,bumping fists. “ I'm gonna miss you Chat Noir” Ladybug was crying, she didn't want to lose her partner,her friend. “ I know Bugaboo, i'm gonna miss you too..” Chat Noir pulled her into a hug and after a moment she hugged him back. “ Maybe we know each other as civilians. Or, maybe we could not keep our identities secret anymore” “ Kitty, you know that we can, but i wish we could” Her earrings beeped telling her that she only had a couple of minutes before she transformed back. “ Please M’Lady, i won't tell anyone i'll keep it a secret.” As His ring beeped for the final time Ladybug turned away so she could keep from seeing who he was. “ Im sorry chat. We cant…….” “ I know bu-” “ Goodbye Kitty” Using her yoyo Ladybug swung away. Chat Noir was left standing there alone and it started to rain. He de-transformed and said his goodbye.. “ Goodbye Ladybug” As it grew dark Chat Noir,now Adrien started walking home not wanting to face his dad. Plagg, Adrien's Kwami had now disappeared back into the ring. Walking up to his room Adrien, dried his eyes and fell asleep on his bed.

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বছরখানেক আগে onyilimba said…
link I love it
বছরখানেক আগে marr1n3tt3 said…
that story was so good i really enjoyed it