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A starlet who dated a host of famous Hollywood hunks has written an explosive kiss-and-tell about her experience, and she is talking only to RadarOnline.com.

PHOTOS: Peggy Trentini Sexy Pictures

Peggy Trentini was a model and actress in the 1990's, starring in চলচ্চিত্র such as Up the Creek and B-movies like The Assault and Carnal Desires.

She also appeared on numerous TV shows including Baywatch and Married With Children. She was in a 1992 প্লেবয় pictorial and modeled for the অন্তর্বাস label Frederick's of Hollywood.

PHOTOS: Stars Who've Posed For Playboy

She dated a host of famous Hollywood hunks...
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I have Sirius Satellite Radio and I listen to it at work and in the car constantly, so I’d say I usually listen about 10-12 hours per দিন on average.

They are NOT playing the new Crue song, “Saints of Los Angeles!!!”

I have emailed multiple requests for the song to be played and multiple complaints to them for not playing the song. As yet, my requests and complaints have been ignored. I think we need আরো people to যোগদান in and send their requests to Sirius to get them to start playing this song!!!

If আপনি want to help দ্বারা putting in a request, please go here: link and click on “REQUEST A SONG,” located near the শীর্ষ on the right hand side of your screen in the black area.

I’ve been requesting the song at least once per day. যোগদান the fight!

Thanks for your help!
posted by CrueRocks13
Motley Crue has been called "The World's Most Notorious Rock Band", releasing 10 studio albums selling over 80 million albums worldwide.

It started out with "Too Fast For Love" in 1981...

"Too Fast For Love" was the band's first album, with songs including:
-"Too Fast For Love"
- "Live Wire"
- "Public Enemy #1"
- "Piece Of Your Action"
- "On With The Show"
- "Merry Go Round"
- "Starry Eyes"
- "Take Me To The Top"
- "Come On And Dance"
And extras:
- "Toast Of The Town"
- "Tonight"
- "Stick To Your Guns"

Originally, it was released on Leathur Records, but soon the Crue signed with Elektra and it was re-released...
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Motley Crue was named to Smartasses.Net's শীর্ষ 25 Metal Songs of all time on Monday, May 30th 2011 when the জনপ্রিয় online magazine revealed their all time তালিকা in a সাম্প্রতিক article. Smartasses is best known for their annual শীর্ষ 100 Sexiest Women তালিকা that comes out every St. Patrick's Day. This past March saw Odette Yustman Annabelle named the Sexiest Woman Alive. As for Motley Crue, they came in 21st place on Smartasses.Net's all time তালিকা for their song, "Too Young To Fall In প্রণয় ". Click here to see the entire তালিকা link