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There are, of course, plenty of চলচ্চিত্র to play with gender roles and attempt to make a point about the equality of men and women. However, I personally find মুলান to be the most successful of these films (at least of those I’ve seen.) I think it does a very good job of highlighting the issues without preaching about them, but আরো than anything else, I think the way the characters and their development are handled the best I’ve ever seen them.

Now, in true me fashion, I want to start দ্বারা defending against some arguments I’ve seen against Mulan’s handling of gender roles that I think are...
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posted by fiina
I thought this might interest some people and I had actually quite fun. I found most my information from link (great webside দ্বারা the way) and some I checked myself. I put meanings really simply here so if আপনি want to read আরো detais watch link above. Please correct me if any name is wrong অথবা there's আরো meanings in it.
All pictures are made দ্বারা me, partly because I felt I otherwise get away with this too easy (just copying another site) and partly because I have this strange obsession to draw.

Fa Mulan
Fa is Mulan's surname, Chinese put it before first name. মুলান is often প্রদত্ত surname name,...
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So hi every one, this is my very first প্রবন্ধ so please forgive me if I blew something. This was actually part of my english দফতর which I made a few months ago. I added few mistakes আরো after that because it really annoyed me that I couldn't find any big প্রবন্ধ about Mulan's mistakes with pictures. At least I didn't find such thing in ফ্যানপপ so now I made one.
I'm sorry the explanations are so short and stupid but I hope আপনি get all mistakes from the pictures. Please tell me if আপনি know some mistakes which I didn't notice. :)

Mulan's notes

Mulan wrote notes on her right arm but when she...
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মুলান is the 36th Animated feature and it is a part of the ডিজনি Renaissance.

The movie মুলান is based on the legends and The Ballad of Mulan.

Mulan originally began as a short, straight-to-video film titled "China Doll" about an oppressed and miserable Chinese girl who is whisked away দ্বারা a British Prince Charming to happiness in the West. Then ডিজনি consultant and children's book writer Robert San Souci suggested making a movie of the Chinese poem, "The Song of Fa Mu Lan" and ডিজনি combined the two separate projects.

Development for মুলান began in 1994, after the production team...
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I haven't ever seen the whole মুলান Jr. but I have listened it's songs many time. First I was just bored and was going to make simple মতামত but I realised there's too many options which most of people should listen. Most of মুলান jr's songs are different versions of চলচ্চিত্র songs অথবা deleted songs. I don't know if this is review অথবা comparison between the play and the movie অথবা something else, I just started to write.

Written In Stone parts 1-3
 I see dead people
I see dead people
The ancestors:
Laozi represents Honor and is the leader of the group. Lin represents Loyalty and is the hardest on Mulan; Lin doesn't...
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I প্রণয় মুলান for the folloing reasons:

*Asian culture has been an intrest of mine.
*It proves women can do anything they want.
*Ming Na has a beautiful voice.
*Mushu is easy to হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ at.
*Chi Fu(or whatever his name is) is also easy to হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ at.
*Mulan and Shang make a good couple.
*I LOLed at the scene when Mushu sabatoged their relationship!
* I enjoyed watching the Huns have their butts kicked.
*Mulan is very beautiful, and is my পছন্দ ডিজনি Princess and SHOULD be reconized more.

I প্রণয় Mulan, it will be my fave movie for all time!
posted by emem_tee
The sun was rising all over China , the middle kingdom . The rays of the sun touched the valleys , farms , citys , county , and finally , Mulan's প্রথমপাতা .

It was going to be the most amazing দিন in Mulan's life . Not too long পূর্বে , the engagement party had been celebrated and now , it was her wedding .

" মুলান ! মুলান ! " She turned and saw Mushu . With tears in his eyes , her ran up and hugged her . " I can't believe my big girl's getting married ! " he yelled . " Uh huh . Better not mess us up . " মুলান ব্যক্ত .

Mushu gulped , " Ehe . That was the last time , now that the temples have...
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OMG Where do i start she`s so diffrent from the normal kind princesses and i প্রণয় her personality and how she went to war to protect him she is also very ব্রেভ and i think she has nice asian eyes and also she saves china and she also makes me laugh with tears espically the matchmaker scene

The Movie is AMAZING it has iconic characters and who could forget the darling mushu and cri kee and the movie is not based on romance but it still is a good ডিজনি princess movie.

The Songs
Honor to us all
The first time i heard this songs it was stuck in my head and its a good first song its shows how mulan...
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posted by mini_mm
Mulan ran and ran until she couldn't anymore.Her daughter was gone for sure.Just then she heard a muffled scream.It was her daughter,with some wierdo guy.Before মুলান could reach them,blood flew everywhere.Some blood stains were on Mulan's face.Teas ran down her cheek."NO!!!!!!!!!!" মুলান screamed.Mulan rose right up from bed."Are আপনি okay?"Shang asked."Oh..Nothing..Just had a bad dream."replied Mulan.Just then the windows swung open!In came..The Huns ???????Wait itcould't be..They were different but then so similar to the Huns..But মুলান and Shang couldn't make out there faces.Suddenly the...
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I hope no one sees through my disguise.
I know what I’ve done is not very wise.
But I stand behind my choice.
When this is all ব্যক্ত and done hopefully my family will rejoice.
My Father is just too old and weak,
And won’t take any of our critique.
So I decided to go in his place.
I left in the middle of the night without a trace.
I have to act ব্রেভ and strong,
And hopefully nothing will go wrong.
But something has messed up my plan.
I think I’m falling in প্রণয় with a man.
No, not a soldier, my Captain!
I don’t really know how it happened অথবা when.
I do know that he doesn’t feel the same.
I am, after...
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আপনি know আপনি like মুলান when…

1. You’re a অনুরাগী of this spot
2. You’ve watched the movie to many times to count
3. আপনি own the soundtrack
4. মুলান is your পছন্দ অথবা one of your পছন্দ movies
5. আপনি have pictures of/from Mulan
6. আপনি have memorized the songs
7. আপনি add মুলান অথবা characters from মুলান to pick’s when আপনি can
8. মুলান is one, অথবা your favorite, ডিজনি character
9. আপনি hardly ever/never get tired of watching Mulan
10. You’ve looked up things about মুলান numerous times on the internet.

This তালিকা is not in any order.
Please add additions to this তালিকা in your comments.