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Tom and Riven started to fight each other, and then the boys came to the rescue. Sky try to push Riven apart,and Brad to Tom.

Sky: Riven stop!!
Riven: He's not gonna get away with this, আপনি don't touch my girlfriend ever again অথবা I will..
Brad: What? What আপনি gonna do about?
-Musa stepped in-
Musa: Nobody is gonna do something. I'm tired of আপনি Riven, I'm tired of আপনি treating me like আপনি want
-Musa ব্যক্ত screaming and letting the tears came down-
Riven: That's not true Musa, I... I প্রণয় আপনি
-Then the police arrived-
Police: What is happening here young boys?
Musa: Fighting for non-sense that's...
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At alfea in the early morning.
Flora: *Yawns*
Musa: *Yawns*
Flora: Good morning musa
Musa: Good morning flora
Flora: Did আপনি sleep well?
Musa: Kinda...I had a weird dream.
Bloom: *Yawns* নমস্কার girls, good morning.
Both: Good morning Bloom
Flora: So what was your dream about musa?
Musa: Well... I dreamed that Riven was with another girl that I am pretty sure I had seem before, but I don't know who she was
Flora: Don't worry musa, I know that Riven likes আপনি and isn't with other girl, he's tough in the outside as a solid rock but when it's about you, he is just so sweet with you.
Bloom: Yeah.. everytime he...
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Back at the beach

All of a sudden they start to hear music...

Musa: Flora আপনি have to come with me -
said smiling and jumping-
Flora: Well, if that makes আপনি happy then I guess then we should go
-Musa pull her দ্বারা the arm and run as fast as she could, they enter to the place and everything was like a 80's disco. They didn't care they were in their swimsuits, they didn't just stop to the rhythm of the সঙ্গীত and mostly Musa, is like the সঙ্গীত took control over her. They laugh and dance all the time.-

Random guys: নমস্কার girls!!
-Musa and Flora turn their backs and saw perfection instantly, it was like...
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