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my babysitter's a vampire
gotta be somebody
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Post This On your পরিলেখ If আপনি প্রণয় Bethan!
'Have I ever crossed your mind?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Do আপনি like me?', Benny
"Do আপনি want me?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Would আপনি cry if I left?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Would আপনি live for me?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Would আপনি do anything for me?', Benny
'No', Ethan
'Choose me অথবা your life?', Benny
'My Life', Ethan
Benny stood there with tears in his eyes
'Everything was a "NO!" I can't believe you!', Benny turn arond to run away When Ethan grab him and pulled Benny back to him
'The reason আপনি never crossed my mind is because You're always on my mind The reason Why I don't...
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