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 Freya with her fiddle
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This My Sonic character ছবি might contain নকল মানুষের, কমিক বই, কমিকস, and কার্টুন.

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Source: Me, And SonicIsMine helped me with Alice's colourscheme.
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Source: Me (Faber-Castell pens)
They finished the macaroni and were cleaning the pot. The remains of the আগুন were emitting smoke. Pain faned it away with his hands and tail. "What was that sound?" asked Blood. "What sound? Is this a trick?" Pain asked. Before Blood could answer a dark red hedgehog came out of the smoke cloud. Cliff gasped,"It's you!". Pain did not say anything but glared straight ahead of him. "Hello Blood. What are আপনি doing with these little brats?" Blood blinked. "Who are you?" she said. "You ca'nt remember me? It's me. Your best friend?"
"Burn?" The hedgehog smiled. "Blood is best বন্ধু with the enemy?"...
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