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posted by 30degrees
 Best Friends! 4Ever!
Best Friends! 4Ever!
well...this is a song of HiHi Puffy Amy Yumi and I want to dedicate it to Nadia!
hope আপনি like it!

Just when I thought I had to make it alone
You were right there দ্বারা my side
Making a stand holding my hand, the way আপনি do
Then to remind me of a "me and you"

When i'm with আপনি all my fear disappears
If I reach I'll touch the sky
You've got my back, pick up my slack when I can't see
But nothing keeps me up like knowing we'll be

Friends forever
Face whatever
Friends forever
Yay! We're never gonna be apart

You and me we are so oddly the same
The way we think, the...
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