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posted by rosslynch1114
Nathan---a.k.a. also known as Freddie on ICarly and Jennette---a.k.a. also known as Sam on ICarly are such a cute cupel together.
i will always প্রণয় Nathan.
i will always প্রণয় Jennette.
not only that but i will always প্রণয় ICarly.
Nathan is adorable!
I প্রণয় the new প্রদর্শনী featuring Sam and Cat!
I am not excited about how Sam and Freddie could not stop fighting so they could date.
They were fighting about everything though! Carly had to solve everything.
I am so sad আইকার্লি went off i loved that show. In some way I understand why though! Some of them were getting boring and nobody was even wathcing it anymore!