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Nejixtenten=love part 3

Tenten's pov

Take a deep breath Tenten. Its only Neji. I mean he is hot but that doesn't matter. He's your team mate. He doesn't even like you. আপনি know wat. Your right he doesn't. He's never even ব্যক্ত 3 words to you. Okay I get it. I mean your not even there to him. I ব্যক্ত I get it! I screamed to myself. Alright alright. Don't be so pushy. I was starting to feel like Sakura. Talking to myself.
"Lets go Ino pig. Your holding us up!" Sakura snapped getting frustrated.
"Wait FOREHEAD! I'm coming."
"Lets leave her Tenten," she grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs.
"Uh. Hey....
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Neji and Tenten break the চুম্বন as a hundred প্রশ্ন run through Rock Lee's mind

Lee's mind: Why were they স্নেহ চুম্বন and why is Neji's শার্ট off, I mean he wouldn't even dare to let us catch him using the toilet. 1) Neji was forced to do it 2) Something happend that needed cloth and knowing him, he dosen't bring much stuff in his pack for light traveling 3) something is going on with him and tenten. "Is something going on between আপনি two?"

Neji: we...uhh...
Tenten: Neji just needed something to মোড়ানো around my wound :)
Neji's mind: uhh, i'm glad Tenten cut me off there. I was about to say something...
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posted by minaj_fan
Tenten's Pov

"Ino! Sakura! I'm going to kill you!" I yelled running after the blonde girl.
"Tenten we did it for your own good!" Sakura pleaded.
"Yea," Ino chimed in.
"I didn't need your help! We were doing just fine!" I stopped running and walked in the direction of my house.
"Aw come on Ten. Its not a big deal. If it doesn't work out then just go back to normal," Sakura suggested.
"Yea Tennie. Look at it on the bright side," Ino trailed off.
"There's no bright side," I ব্যক্ত giving her a death glare.
"Just go in the house. We'll be there in 30 minutes."
"Whatever," I rolled my eyes and ran home. I...
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