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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 12
"The Mystery of the Hasty Fish"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo, Hoho and Tolee in the front yard of the palace, playing a game of Go Fish.]]

Hoho: Rintoo, do আপনি have a six in your hand?
Rintoo: Hmm. No, go fish. How about you, Tolee?
Tolee: I don't think so. Unless I've looked really hard. [[Tolee looks really hard at the stack of cards in his hands. He then notices a six in his stack.]] As a matter of fact, I do.
Rintoo: I'd realize that.

[[Tolee lays the card down on the pile.]]

Royal Advisor #1: Emperor Rintoo! We have a very big problem.
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 9
"Rintoo's New Leaf"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo and Kai-Lan watching a race on TV.]]

Rintoo: Wow, this is an awesome race. Who do আপনি think is gonna win?
Kai-Lan: I don't know, but whoever it is, I sure hope it's Danica Ptrick.
Rintoo: আপনি know, me too.

[[The scene cuts to the TV, where Danica Patrick is passing some of the other cars in the race, bringing her into first


Announcer: And the winner, be default is, Danica Patrick.
Rintoo: Yes, yes, yes! I knew it, I knew she'd win. How awesome is that?
Kai-Lan: Really awesome.
Rintoo: আপনি know,...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 2, Episode 2
"Xin Xin and Tain Tain's Bogus Journey"

[The episode begins moments after the aftermath of the last episode. Kai-Lan and her বন্ধু are in the royal playroom, drawing pictures.]

Kai-Lan: Boy, I hope we don't end up in a situation like that anymore.
Rintoo: [laughs] আপনি ব্যক্ত it. I couldn't think of anything we could do if we did get kicked out the palace.
Kai-Lan: Enough of that. Check out what I just drew.
Rintoo: What is it supposed to be?
Tolee: I think it's supposed to be some sort of truck.
Kai-Lan: You're right, Tolee. It is a truck, but it has a...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 8
"Stompy's খাবার Craving"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo and Hoho packing খাবার for a picnic that is happening at the picnic. Stompy is helping as well.]]

Rintoo: This picnic is gonna be awesome.
Stompy: আপনি ব্যক্ত it. I can hardly wait. In fact, I'll pretty mich end up getting hungry দ্বারা the time we get there.
Rintoo and Hoho: [[laugh]]
Hoho: Let's hope your tummy dosen't get আপনি into trouble before the picnic.
Rintoo: Speaking of picnics, let's get going. The others are waiting for us.

[[Rintoo, Hoho and Stompy set off on their picnic. On the way, they heard...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 7
"The Most Eligible Emperor"

[[The episode begins with Rintoo and Hoho playing with their Robo Buddy toy.]]

Rintoo: All right, Robo Buddy, do a super silly flip, followed দ্বারা a wiggle and rub your tummy.
Robo Buddy: Your wish is my command.

[[The Robo Buddy does a silly flip, wiggles his whole body and rubs his stomach, while making Rintoo and Hoho laugh.]]

Hoho: I tell ya, there isn't nothing আপনি can do than making our toy do silly things.
Rintoo: Well, আপনি know, what can I say?
Robo Buddy: What do আপনি want me to do next?
Hoho: Oh, oh, how about getting us...
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It's বড়দিন time in the village and everybody's excited. Here's where the story begins. Kai-Lan and her বন্ধু are putting up decorations, while Ye Ye is putting out snacks besides them.

Ye Ye: How are the decorations coming along?
Kai-Lan: They're going great.
Ye Ye: [laughs] I'm glad to hear that. Here are some snacks for আপনি guys.
All: Xie Xie!
Ye Ye: Bié kèqì. I know আপনি guys must be getting hungry after all that hard work. Huítóu jiàn!
All: Huítóu jiàn!
Hoho: Kai-Lan, do আপনি think there will be a lot of presents under the বৃক্ষ this year?
Kai-Lan: I hope so, Hoho. It's gonna be very...
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Kai-Lan's Royal Adventures
Season 1, Episode 13
"My New Prince"

[[The episode begins with Kai-Lan and Rintoo in the royal playroom, talking about what the RoboBuddy's new upgrade.]]

Rintoo: This new upgrade on the RoboBuddy will help him get around better, understand আরো of what we say to him, control what he does, and he can be a better part of the palace.
Kai-Lan: Wow, that's a super upgrade that guy did. Do আপনি think he can give me the rope?
Rintoo: I don't see why not. [[to the RoboBuddy]] RoboBuddy, hand the empress the jumprope.
RoboBuddy: Will do. [[The RoboBuddy walks over to the table, where...
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