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Nikki’s POV

I called Kristen Immediately
-Hi – she sounded tired
-Hey dear!
-Yes! Guess what! Kellan is coming to my house to night to watch a movie with me!!!
-Just Kellan?
-I don’t need anybody else!! – She laughed
–What movie?
-I don’t know yet!
-How about Ahs? Does she know?
-Not exactly! – She laughed
-Bye Nikki, I was sleeping!
-It’s five o’clock p.m.!!!
-Yesterday after I left the nightclub I went to Rob’s house!
-Was it cool?
-We had sex all night! That’s why I’m tired!
-Ok! I’ll let আপনি sleep! Bye! – She didn’t answer
Ok in about three hours Kellan would be...
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Kellan Lutz স্নেহ চুম্বন Nikki Reed and telling her that she is beautiful. She calls him BABY :D. What do আপনি think? Are they dating?
nikki reed and kellan lutz
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Alive & Breathing. Part 1 

 Nikki examined the script in her hands. The Forks air had continued to pick up. Well—How can আপনি blame it? It is Forks. 
  Nikki laughed at her strange thought and shuddered as another সত্বর of air blew around her. 
  "Hey, আপনি cold?" A voice— Nikki loved to hear everyday— asked. Nikki looked up and saw Kellan Lutz. Sporting his Golden contacts and His "Cullen" outfit for the  next scene.
  "Uhm... A.. Little." She murmured. 
  "Here. I brought this from প্রথমপাতা in case you—Or someone else—," He quickly added the other part so it wouldn't cause...
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Nikki’s POV
After he kissed me, I looked at him for a minute, a long minute. He looked into my eyes and we stood there looking for each other in a peaceful silent.
I looked at his amazing body and I thought he could be an underwear model.
-I’m so lucky! – I ব্যক্ত and passed my hands in his abdomen and he laughed – you’re probably the hottest man in the whole world!
-Nikki, you’re beautiful too, dear! – He whispered in my ear and ran his hands in my hair.
-Thank you! – I ব্যক্ত and he smacked me – but there’s a problem.
-What’s wrong, dear?
-I can’t remember...
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Nikki’s POV
I was in my house alone, when the door ঘণ্টা rang, it was Kristen she’s my bff, since we were in a movie together.
-Hi Kris!
Kris is really shy! She doesn’t speak too much, but she’s also really friendly, she’s always there for her friends!
I প্রণয় talking to her! She’s a good listener!
-Why did আপনি call me, dear? - She sat in my bed
-I wanna talk to you…
-Is about him again, right?
-Nikki, forget this fucking boy!! – I have a crush on Kellan, and it isn’t healthy for me because I know he would never প্রণয় me!
-Kristen আপনি fell for Rob and I supported...
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Nikki's POV

"And Cut!" I heard the director say for the new movie twilight we were filming.Ashley,Jackson,Kristen,and Robert and I were sitting at the cafe table" I wonder who is the going to be the new Emmett after what happen to the old Emmett" Jackson asked " I dont really know?" I ব্যক্ত Than I saw him.He had blond hair and he was muscler and tall with his beautiful blue eyeethan Kristen,And Ashley were staring at me Jackson,and Robert didn't pay any mind to me. Than I heard the director "Hey Kellan" when I heard that name it was like I found my dream man I always wanted a boyfriend name Kellan...
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