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Ever since Oasis has been called one of the greatest bands of all time, they have also been called Beatles copy cats. This is unfortunate as Oasis are better than The Beatles.

10. Better Walks

Who has a আরো powerful walk than Liam Gallagher in the whole সঙ্গীত industry? His walk defined a generation of carefree ruffians looking to start bands and smoke cheap hash. Liam Gallagher epitomized the cool in the rock তারকা class with his long strides and waving hands. No one can walk as cool as Liam Gallagher.

9. Less Competition

This is an obvious one. The Beatles had little to no competition. They didn’t...
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Oh yes i have just gone down to zavvi to buy 'dig out your soul' and have two words to describe it; Over and Hyped. Those of আপনি who expected the comeback of the century were... well actually আপনি were right, 'Shock of the lightning' will probably be at number 1 in some chart অথবা other but the rest of the album was a let down to be honest.

The other songs on the album that were worth a listen were 'Soldier On' and 'Bag it up'. Soldier on is heavy on the খাদ and is probably the only song that made echoing অথবা doubling up sound any good. Bag it up is a typical Oasis song with lyrics written দ্বারা Noel and sung দ্বারা Liam.

While 'Whats the Story (morning glory)' remains the greatest Oasis album made, 'Dig out your Soul' does offer Several very good songs but its probably best to download them on iTunes, i mean আপনি dont buy a bag of revels only because আপনি like the cripy ones, no, আপনি buy a pack of Maltesers so আপনি only get the ones আপনি want.

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19 years today..
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