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posted by ilovshadow
নমস্কার O.P.O.A. members! do আপনি think your odd enough to really be in this club? even if your not আপনি can stay here and maybe even become odd. if আপনি want to be a true member try this weird thing me[ilovshadow] and my friend leawater have eaten that makes us good enough to be odd[thats why we made the club]. try eating kurrots a.k.a. carrots with ketchup, salt, melted cheese, and ranch all together অথবা alone and find out which one is yummyer! and the kurrots are not cooked kurrots. leawater has dared me to eat other things with kurrots like: peaches, pineapple, grapes, পিজা cheese,spegitie sauce, and some other weird things. try some of these yummy combinations and leave a মতামত and tell us which one was your পছন্দ and/or try some things of your own and tell us what it was.....me and leawater might just try it XD. p.s. if আপনি do eat this your odd enough to যোগদান and be a true O.P.O.A. member!
this is a video i made and পোষ্ট হয়েছে on ইউটিউব
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