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posted by AnnieKaii
বৃক্ষ পাহাড় is just a place.
Filled with many souls through this ট্যাঙ্গেল্ড maze.
Though hearts may beat as one
they are.
The guidness they lead, the journey
is far.
A boy named Lucas fell inlove.
His eyes met Peyton and all was above.
প্রণয় and laughter and all a good
The rocks on the road, they didn't leave behind.
Their selfs হারিয়ে গেছে on the way,
he did for seek.
The mist was present, his হৃদয় was bleack.
Though out came Peyton and all was clear.
Their future, their lifes, was all so near.
Their প্রণয় is like a ring, never
endless it shall be.
For their hearts are peaceful for all to see.
posted by AnnieKaii
Lucas walks in the house expressing sorrow as Peyton is feeding Sawyer.
'What's up?'.She asks as a response to his expression.
'I got fired'.Lucas উত্তর with displeasure.
'What, why, when?. Peyton rambled on.
Lucas approached the পালঙ্ক and sat: with arms folded.
'Just there. Principal Rimpkis ব্যক্ত I wasn't doing my job correctly and for that reason that is why the Ravens have been unsucseeful'. He imitated.
'That's crazy.The team have one nearly every game. That bitch'. Peyton cried.
With raised voices, Sawyer began to whale.
'Sssh'.Peyton whispered comforting her daughter.

The following দিন Peyton...
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