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HALEDON, NJ – New songstress Allison Gayne has struck a chord among অনুরাগী as she launches her first single, Crazy Mixed Up, on iTunes, Rhapsody and The new song, which is a quirky tune about a woman in প্রণয় with a “crazy good loving guy,” as is quoted in its lyrics, is now available on iTunes and Rhapsody under the খুঁজুন "Jay St. Records" as well as on under the search, “Allison Gayne.”

As a singer with seven years of vocal instruction under her belt, Gayne teamed with the new independent record label, স্থূলবুদ্ধি বাচাল ব্যক্তি St. Records (JSR), over the summer to record Crazy Mixed...
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WEDNESDAY 21 April – 4pm
Broadway Cinema in Nottingham

Whether লেখা as a pair, as part of a bigger team অথবা individually, Peep প্রদর্শনী scribes Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong are two of Britain’s hottest comedy talents. In this onstage interview led দ্বারা BFI TV consultant Dick Fiddy, and illustrated with clips, Sam and Jesse will talk about their influences, reveal their sitcom-writing secrets and explain why লেখা comedy is no joke.

Bain and Armstrong met at Manchester University, but it took a protracted correspondence, “in the days when people still wrote letters”, to establish their compatible sense of humour. After deciding to write together, they worked on everything from The Big Breakfast to তীক্ষ্নভাবে the Pony… honing their storytelling skills on children’s television, “a great training ground that every writer should be aware of”. (