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posted by peacebaby7
    The only way I can even have a chance at ending this is if I try to get them out of the way. If I can’t bring myself to fight them, they’ll only be another roadblock keeping me from beating Blowhole once and for all. The only thing I can think of to do is leave them out cold until I can figure out what to do.

    Now, I may be strong, and I may be fast. But to think that I can just charge straight into this and expect to be able to give a little knock to each of their craniums and expect them to be out long enough for me to do what I needed to...
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     Fallout Chapter 2: Following in his Footsteps

Private stepped outside and was greeted দ্বারা the bright sun. He’s never seen a light so bright before due to the fact he’s lived inside an underground খিলান all his life. His eyes were able to adjust to the bright sunlight, and as soon as he did he saw the outside world. Wasteland, everything around him was destroyed. Roads, nearby houses, the landscape, everything. Private followed the road, thinking it would lead him to where his father is. As he’s waddling, he can’t help but to look at all the destruction around...
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Dr Blowhole gazed calmly at the moniters. There was nothing, absolutly NOTHING, going on anywhere. He was starting to get bored. He hadn't schemed against the penguins in a while.
He growled and spun towards the lobsters. There was no plan.


Yes. He felt it. It stared at the very corner of his mind and crept slowly along until he was consumed দ্বারা it. A new plan!
"Lobsters!!" He yelled, smiling slyly.

Dr Blowhole: *singing while slowly driving around the crowd of his lobsters*
I know that your levels of thinking,
are as low as the weakest of tides.
But dull as আপনি are, pay attention!...
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Dancing With Leaves: Take 1

Skipper: *cornered দ্বারা the other 3, grabs 2 leaves & begins dancing*

Kowalski/Private/Rico: O.o

Kowalski: "HAHAHAAA! I'm sorry-hehehehe! I can't help it--HAHAHAHHAAAA! That just looks so wrong & awkward! HAHAHHAAA!"

Skipper/Private/Rico: T_T

Dancing With Leaves: Take 2

Skipper: *cornered দ্বারা the other 3, grabs 2 leaves & begins dancing*

Kowalski/Private/Rico: O.o

Skipper: *stops abruptly* "OK, there is just no way I can make this look manly."

Private: "Says the "man" who really is afraid of needles."

Skipper: "Pffffft! Nooo! Where did আপনি hear that pack of lies!...
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Everyone woke after 25 মিনিট of unconsciousness.

Skipper: Ahh! I'm a lower mammal!

Julien: Ahh! I'm an ugly penguin!

Private: Hahahaha! আপনি swapped bodies. (Barfs up a bomb) Huh! Ahh!(throws the bomb outside) I'm Rico.

Marlene: Kowalski! I'm gonna kill you!(Attacks)

Maurice: Wait! It's me, Maurice!

Marlene: Oh! Then where's ... Hah! (Attacks the real Kowaski).

Mort:(Not knowing whats going on) Feet!

Julien: No! Don't let him touch the feet!

Skipper: Haha! (Singing)I'm letting him touch it! I'm letting him touch it!

Kowalski: Ahh! Somebody help me!

Meanwhile Private was laughing at everything that just happened.

Skipper: Rico! Stop laughing!

Private: Actually, it's me Private!(Sneezes up a golf club, a mallet and a slipper).

Skipper: Ah. This slipper will do.

(Marlene grabs the golf club, Rico grabs the mallet and everyone chases Kowalski).

Everyone: Yaa!!

Kowalski: Ahh!!

See the chase in Part 3
Note: This is the concluding chapter. I've really had a good time লেখা this fanfiction. Thanks to all of your awesome comments. After this I plan to post another one.

They all remained hugging, until Nigel realized a primary detail in their triumph missing. The Red কাঠবিড়াল had escaped! Only he was unoblivious to this.
S: "I'm so proud of you, Young Private. You're a hero."
P: "Well, I must have got that from you, Skippa. I'm sorry for arguing with you. Are আপনি mad at me for running away?"
S: "No, Private আপনি saved my life. How could I be mad at আপনি for that, now?"
Private smiled an enormous...
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 Virus Attack
Virus Attack
Meanwhile, in the Park…

Kowalski: [Licks Snow Cone] "Mmmm! Delicious!"
Private: "Better than ever!"
Rico: [Swallows the whole Cone]
Kowalski: "That’s enough rest for now. Let’s go finish my Surprise for Skipper!"
Private: "I wonder if he suspects anything…"
Kowalski: "Oh, Private! It’s under wraps. He doesn’t even know we're building it."

As the Penguins finish their Snow Cones and get back to the Zoo, they hear Maurice and Mort screaming…

Private: "Sounds like Maurice is in trouble!"
Rico: "Skippa widdem (‘But Skipper is with them’)!"
Kowalski: "I know! Something strange is going on!"...
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posted by LifelessPenguin
We were barely hypnotized. We were so addicted with our new stuff. আপনি might be asking what Kowalski won. Well, I spied on him, he got a personal prize from Julien a while ago. It was a mixed chemical reaction of যেভাবে খুশী things he got from his habitat. He ব্যক্ত it was perfect for his experiments, because he had 10 ten test tubes of it. For now, he created 3 experiments already in one single hour. That's amazing.

I ate ten Winkies in one minute. That's for getting সেকেন্ড place in the "Me Talent Show". I was not really aiming for first place, অথবা third place, but when I heard the prize in the second...
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I wrote this a couple months পূর্বে and..... I'm not 100% sure why I'm choosing to post it now... but........ Whatever.
CAPS= sung
Skipper: ON THE সেকেন্ড দিন OF CHRISTMAS, MY TRUE প্রণয় SHIPPED TO ME
2 ট্যাংকবিধ্বংসী ক্ষেপনাস্ত্র নিক্ষেপের হালকা BLASTERS
2 ট্যাংকবিধ্বংসী ক্ষেপনাস্ত্র নিক্ষেপের হালকা BLASTERS
2 ট্যাংকবিধ্বংসী ক্ষেপনাস্ত্র নিক্ষেপের হালকা BLASTERS...
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The Truth, Lies, and Doris - A Dorski অনুরাগী fiction: Part 5 - A Surprise Visit

    Kowalski dropped in, and the penguins at this time were practicing instinct.
Skipper turned around, "Kowalski?!"
    Rico only grunted a "huh?" and turned his attention toward the newcomer.
    Private, who was blindfolded and holding a 6 foot long bamboo whacking stick, turned his attention to the sound of Skipper's voice.
    "Kowalski?! Where is he Skipper?!" Private made a full 360 degree turn, accidently whacking Rico behind the head...
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The Truth, Lies, and Doris - A Dorski অনুরাগী fiction: Part 3 - Fierce Bargain

    Kowalski felt as if he were floating in space. Probably because he was tied and hanging upside down from a hook on the ceiling. The blood had all rushed to his head, making his reactions slow and dazed. Waking up from his unconscious dreams, Kowalski made out a blurry figure, in the shape of a dolphin.
    "Well peng-u-in! I see আপনি fell for my carefully planned trap!" Dr. Blowhole said.
    The sun from the a very small window on the roof came down and illuminated...
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posted by theWOLFPACK15
i do not own the PoM character's they belong to Dreamworks.
i do own the শিয়াল character.

Chapter 1: The discovory

It was a normal, winter, Saturday morning in the central park zoo. today the zoo was closed which meant an early wake up call in the penguins habitat for some drills. all four penguins stood on the little island that floated in the middle of the habitat. Skipper, the leader of the group, was addressing orders on what the drills will be.

"All right men," Skipper called, as he faced his three commrades that were standing in front of him. " today we are going to do some combat drills-"...
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posted by Icicle1penguin
One beautiful morning in the New York, an ভোঁদড় has just woken up from her peaceful slumber...Too bad that nice morning has to go! COMEDY!!

(??????): Wake-up Marlene...
Marlene: *Yawns* Sigh...Good morning Kowalski...wait, What?
Kowalski: Good morning!
Marlene: Kowalski! What are আপনি doing here?!?!?
Kowalski: What are আপনি talking about?
Marlene: Why are আপনি here, in a tux, and...Why am I in a wedding dress!?!
Kowalski: Oh this! This was Icicle's idea! She ব্যক্ত আপনি were lonely so she came up with this!

Marlene: With what? আপনি here in a tuxedo to freak me out?
Kowalski: আপনি were close! *blows a whistle*...
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A week later…

Rico was standing near Marlene’s cave entrance when he noticed a small, yellow slip of paper on the ground. Of course he was curious, so he decided to bend down and remove it from the concrete. It appeared to be folded in half. Rico narrowed his eyes in order to better focus as he unfolded the yellow paper. He slowly read what someone had written upon it. Once he finished, Rico folded it back and turned to head into the cave.

Marlene was recovering well from her little episode with Skipper. However, there were times when Rico could easily tell that she yearned for a different...
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Private: Can we get out of this one, Kowalski?
Kowalski: We are in a 6 দ্বারা 8 inch cage made of steel with a model 40 lock. Wait, since when did আপনি call the shots, Private?
Private: Skipper has a bad case of doctor hysteria. (Looks over in Skipper’s direction.)
Skipper is in fetal position, staring out into the distance and rocking back and forth slowly. Skipper: I have been captured দ্বারা some unknown enemy. Walls closing in. The bars…squeezing in. Can’t breathe. General: the fifth squadron has been captured. May day. Man…down! (leaps up to strangle the bars) I know who has done this. It...
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“I Remember”
January 3, 2014

Note: I’ve typically been লেখা notes at the end, but for this case, I must make an exception as to be clear to you, অথবা at least the ones who haven’t read my পূর্ববর্তি works. I have been thinking about doing a sequel to one of my stories, but never did because I didn’t think I could make anything long and commendable out of it. But with this project, I received some inspiration and motivation to do so in a short story. So, this short is a little sequel to “Skipper’s Curse.” If আপনি haven’t read it before and plan to, be aware that this will contain...
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Operation: Skilene
Author’s Note:
I started on these a while ago, and have decided to finally প্রকাশ them. Most of these shorts were inspired দ্বারা a game on ফ্যানপপ called “What would Skipper say (WWSS) Game” on pages 40-43. Thank আপনি to 27Kowalski (on Fanpop), also known as SierraTangoEcho on deviantArt, for helping me with ideas and scenarios. Credit goes to her for the few drawings. I hope আপনি enjoy পাঠ করা them as much as I enjoyed লেখা them. They are in no particular order, other than the sequence they were written. Please review!

PS, for those following my “Operation: Challenge,”...
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Five Years Later

“Are আপনি nervous?” Laura asked as she adjusted Harold’s cap.

“Nah,” Harold answered with a smile. Laura crossed her arms and gave him a look. “Okay, fine!” Harold admitted. “Maybe a little.”

Laura smiled.

“You’ll do fine. Now, go! They’re waiting for you,” she ব্যক্ত ushering him toward the stage.

“And now,” ব্যক্ত a man at the podium, “our August Martin High School valedictorian of 2020, Harold Chance!”

Harold smiled and waved at the audience in the auditorium as they applauded.

“Thank you, everyone,” he ব্যক্ত into the microphone. The audience silenced...
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It was lunchtime....private went to his locker and grabbed his lunch and went to the cafeteria....he opened the door and saw 100s of জন্তু জানোয়ার eating lunch...he was nervous..he had no one to sit with...he slowly walked inside and looked around for that পেংগুইন who helped him in the hallway earlier... Kowalski was it..? But had no luck...he decided to sit down all দ্বারা himself....he opened up his Baggie of মাছ and begun to eat... Suddenly out of nowhere....a young পেংগুইন came up and sat with him...,he looked a little taller then private...

??: do আপনি want me to sit with you...?

Private looked up...
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This is basically প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে all the body's that the penguins found while in heavenly host, and how they were killed and what zoo they went to, tell me what আপনি think about it:D

Central zoo high

Cause of death: stabbed multiple times, tongue removed

Cause if death: possessed দ্বারা evil spirit and hung himself

Central zoo elementary

Cause of death:crushed দ্বারা অতিপ্রাকৃতিক force against wall, died instantly

Seaville high
Cause if death: stabbed multiple times all over...
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