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read page 203 of battle of the labrynth
annabeth chase
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End-of-Summer Report

Dear Percy Jackson,

Below is your progress প্রতিবেদন for the summer, which will be sent প্রথমপাতা to your parents. We are happy to প্রতিবেদন that your marks are passable, so আপনি will not be fed to the harpies at the present time. Please review and sign for our records.

Chiron, activities director
Dionysus, camp director

Comments:Percy shows great aptitude at lopping off limbs.

Comments:Percy almost got killed several times this summer. Good job! He needs to concentrate on minding his surroundings and not getting...
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 the olympian gods
the olympian gods
নমস্কার everyone!!lets read the play story....

here is the বিবরণ of the characters

1)name:sky kent


god parent:hermes

weapon:a long celestial bronze sword which turns into a ring

looks:short black hair.bright blue eyes.tall. medium thin. mischievous look on her face.hates jewellery except for a ring and the camp necklace. likes to have fun and laugh.she always wears t-shirts.kinda tomboy.might get aggressive if আপনি hurt her loved ones.

hobbies:playing pranks on people.stealing peoples things and hiding it in someone elses things.likes playing some sports.cracking jokes!

extra:#connor and travis are her cousins.
#best friend is the person who will post next.
#everyone one likes her and she very fun to be around.
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(Annabeth) turn on 'Organization 13 theme' from KH 2

I cried as I watched Michael choke on his blood. The কমলা scythe on his forehead was flickering, losing strength. Michael coughed and red liquid shot up and got me on the face, I didn't care. I had killed Percy's brother. He would never forgive me. Hades I wouldn't forgive me. Percy was on his knees sobbing silently. Michael's eyes closed slowly. The কমলা glow disappeared from his forehead. I crouched and turned over the limp body. I looked at the blood hole in the back of the once blonde head. But now it was scarlet red. I rubbed my hand...
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(Percy, আপনি should turn on Rage Awakened from KH 2, :)

Kronos swung his scythe towards Annabeth. I blocked the Stygian Iron away from her scared face. Michael ran up Krono's back holding double swords. He slashed wildly at Nico. Annabeth helped protect Nico. I slashed at Kronos who blocked with the shaft of his scythe. Kronos brought the head of the scythe up and started swinging everywhere. I rolled and blocked. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Nico had summoned pillars of Hell আগুন that blasted from the ground. The black flames engulfed the three of them and roared in the empty cavern....
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Sorry it's a bit late...but I still thought it was pretty cool!
rick riordan
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U know what to do, right???

While I studied the ছবি of the পরবর্তি target I noticed something odd. The sun seemed to... dim. I walked out of the woods and walked to a nearby street. A taxi immediately sped পরবর্তি to the curb when I walked up. I stepped inside. "Baltimore, and make it fast!" I said. He nodded and sped onto the highway.
We got to Baltimore in a couple of hours. It was 9:30. The taxi drove off after I walked out. I got to a Holiday Inn and walked out of the cold wind and into the heated lobby. "Hi, how can I help you?" the woman behind the counter asked. "Do আপনি um, have an empty...
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Read the parts before this, before hand.

I walked into the tranquil woods after, dispatching the satyr. I sensed for the demi-god. His name was James. "Were are you?!" I yelled while forming my sword. No reply obviously. I searched more. "Demi-god... were are you?!?!?!" I yelled. I continued searching getting annoyed. I growled. I heard a cough. I started running toward's the sound. Footsteps started running to. I sprinted now. I could see the boy now and he had a symbol over his head. It was a sun. The sign of Apollo. I threw a ছুরি at his head, but a blinding রশ্মি of sunlight flashed on us...
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It was 6:30 at night. I was cooking ডিনার absentmindedly, while clicking the channel on the T.V. It was a lazy দিন Saturday. I had made a new weapon today, it was a ring with a blade running around the outer edge and আপনি have one in each hand. Very good for taking out crowds, দ্বারা throwing it like a frisbee.
The phone rang.
I answered it, "Is this a... Michael Gavin?" the lady asked.
"Yes, how can I help you?"
"Answer the door when I knock." she ব্যক্ত and hung up.
I got goosebumps. That was weird even for me. I clicked on 'The Shining' I do প্রণয় that movie. "Heeeeeeere's Johny." The crazy guy yelled...
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