Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction Daughter Of Poseidon

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Lilly's POV

"Go to the camp, honey," my aunt told me. I was shaking and standing at the entrance of the camp. The camp was something my aunt had told me about all my life.

"Aunt Kelly, will you be able to bring me?" I asked. I already knew what this camp was about and it didn't seem fun. I knew I was not a regular mortal. I was part god. Poseidon was my dad.
"No, I am sorry, sweetie. I'm a mortal and they won't let me in," my Aunt apoligized. I hugged her.
"Now, go! go hurry!" she whispered. I nodded, grabbed my backpack then walked up a big hill.

In the distance I saw nothing but a strawberry farm.

"Uh..." I said aloud. Then I noticed a boy running up to me.
"Hey! you must be Lilly!" he greeted.
I nodded. "Yeah... my names Lilly."
"I'm Grover. You will love it here at camp! it's the best!" he answered.
"My aunt told me all about this camp. Am I really a daughter of Posiedon?" I said.
His eyes widened, "Your aunt told you that?"
I nodded.
"Holy Zeus... alright lets go talk to Chiron..."
"Did you just say... Holy Zeus?" I asked and followed him down the hill.
Grover nodded, "Yep."

What have I gotten myself into?

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Chapter 2

"I'm Chiron, the camp director. You are Lilly, right?" the man in the wheel chair said.
I was so distracted by all the sites that I didn't hear him. This was NOT a strawberry farm. This place had a horse stable, 12 cabins, a lake, a rock climing wall, a garden, a basketball court and a huge woods.

I was getting very excited!

"Lilly?" the man asked again.
I blushed. "Oh, sorry. I was just looking around."
"It's quite alright. Your name is?" he answered.
"Lilly Wave," I answered.
"Wave?" Grover asked.
I nodded.

"Grover said your aunt told you that you were a daughter of Poseidon. How does she know?" Chiron said.

"My mom told her... Obviously my mom knew that my dad was a god. Well, I assume. My aunt wasn't always... 'there'. So, I really don't know if she's lying or telling the truth," I replied.

"Hmm... your aunt might be mistaken. We'll put you in the Hermes cabin until you are claimed," Chiron decided then stood up out of his wheel chair.
I jumped back in suprise because where his legs were supposed to be... there were horse legs.
He was a centaur.

"YOUR A PONY?" I asked in astonishment.
Chiron scowled. "I'm a centaur."
Grover was laughing and I was feeling like an idiot.

"Grover, go introduce Lilly to some people. Preferabbly Percy I want to know what he thinks of her," Chiron told me.

"Alrighty, Chiron," Grover answered then kicked off his shoes and pants.
My eyes widened as I stared right at goat legs. I'm dreaming. This is not really happening.

Then I passed out.
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Nice way to put a twist on it
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Cool post soon!
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Percy's POV
So, when Chiron and Grover walked in with a girl, who was out cold, I was a little concerned. I was in the middle of the arena training by myself.

"Hey, Percy," Grover greeted.
I grinned. "Hey, man. So, is this the new demi-god?"
"Yep. Her names Lilly... she uh... passed out when she saw my satyr legs," he answered. I stifled a laugh.

"She called me a pony," Chiron was scowling.
I laughed. "Chiron, she probably didn't mean it."
"Yes. You may be right. Anyway, she says her aunt told her she's a daughter of Poseidon. I didn't know what to do so I thought maybe you could tell," he answered.
My eyes widened. A sibling? a human sibling? this was... unbelieveable .
"Oh... I'll have to talk to her first... maybe Annabeth could help too. She usually has a good idea of who the parent is," I replied smiling nervously.
Lilly's eyes fluttered open and she glanced around. When she saw Chiron and Grover she groaned.
"I thought I was dreaming."
I chuckled and helped her to her feet. She had curly black hair, princess curls like Annabeth, and green eyes like me. I had to admit, she was pretty.
"I'm Percy Jackson," I introduced. She smiled shyly.
"My names Lilly Wave."
"Welcome to camp. You'll love it here," I said. She glanced at Chiron.
"Yeah... I bet I will... no offense, sir," she turned to Chiron.
"None takin. It is sort of hard to adjust to seeing... us," Chiron answered smiling kindly. She smiled a little then looked around. Her eyes stopped on the sword in my hand.

"You have a... sword?" she asked. I nodded.
"Yep, this is Riptide."
"Is that safe?" she questioned looking at me with cautious eyes.
"Yeah. I'm completely trained."
"Did your aunt explain everything?" Grover asked.
She turned to him. "Yes, but I didn't actually think she was... well, serious."

I could tell I was going to make good friends with Lilly. She had a... nice air about her.
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Thanks guys for commenting!!
Lilly's POV
I had been there a few weeks and suddenly everyone was VERY busy. I found Percy helping tidy up the lake.

"Hey Percy," I smiled.
He grinned. "Hey Lilly."
"So, why is everyone busy?" I asked.
"Apollo and Artemis are coming for a visit. Artemis is trying to recruit some new hunters," he replied.
"Wow. Sounds cool," I mumbled then watched him talk to some fish.

"Daughter of Poseidon, make yourself known!" I heard a fish say. I jumped back from the water and fell back on the sand. Percy straightned up and looked at me in shock.
"Percy...?" I said.
"Your... Oh my gods!" he exclaimed then looked at something glowing above my head. I looked up and saw a glowing green and blue triton.
"Percy?!" I asked turning pale.
"Your... my... sister..." he mutterted then grabbed my hand and pulled me up to the Big House.
We were breathless by the time we reached the house.

We ran through the doors. Chrion, Mr.D, a young man about 20 and a young girl who looked 14 were talking. They turned and stared at us.
"Uh..." Percy stammered.I blushed.
"Sorry to interrupt... we uh need some help."
"Yeah!" Percy said finally finding his voice.
"First adress Apollo and Artemis," Chiron suggested.

Percy and I bowed.
"It's an honor," Percy said. I nodded in agreement.

I found Apollo looking at me and Artemis was glancing at Percy and I.
"Now, what is the problem?" Mr. D groaned. I stood up and Percy whispered something to Chiron.
"Oh dear," Chiron mumbled then turned to the gods.
"Well, it seems Lilly has been claimed."
I blushed and looked down.
"Oh, really. Who is the parent?" Artemis asked.
"Poseidon," Percy and I answered at the same time.
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Chapter 3 (it might be short... er)
"Everyone, Apollo and Artemis are here to look over the camp. Apollo kids, if you would like to talk to your dad please refrain from doing it now," Chiron said to the campers.

Everyone was around the campfire. I was next to Percy and Annabeth. I looked at Apollo and whispered to Annabeth.

"Apollo is CUTE!"
Annabeth laughed. "Of course he is."
I blushed and looked down at my feet.
"So, do we have a karaoke machine somewhere?" Apollo asked. Artemis rolled her eyes at her brother. Chiron brought forward a karaoke machine.
"Awesome!" Apollo grinned then took the mic.
"I am challenging you guys to a karaoke match. Whoever wins... gets... free ice cream for all eternity!"

I laughed as some of the Apollo kids rose with an awe look.
"I'm gonna pick a song and you all have to sing it!" Apollo exclaimed.

"Alrighty... how about... we start with the girls. I want someone to come up here and sing Story Of Us by Taylor Swift," he said. I looked around nervously. Nobody was stading up so I got up.

"I'll do it."
Apollo looked suprised. "Okay. Here's the mic."
I took the mic then the music started playing. Soon I was singing along and some girls from the crowd were murmuring the lyrics.

When the song ended a big cheer went up. I, blushing, went and sat down next to Percy.

"Wow..." Percy said to me. I blushed redder.

(I dont know what else to type!)
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Umm what?
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why did she sing i thought posieden kids are really not that good at that????
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They can be, after all they are half mortals and mortals do sing... we don't know if Posiedon kids arent good bc Percy doesn't stand up and sing a lot xD
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I LOVE THEM!!!! I am a daughter of Poseidon at hear and I love to read these fan twists on the tale!
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update please!! I love it! and how old is she? because the way her aunt talked to her, she sounds like 12, but Apollo is like 16 looking right? lol