Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction The Olympus Chronicles- ''Killer Seas'' Book 1

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Chapter 1: Drew's Life
So far everything has been great. Drew said smiling. Having friends over, playing video games, watching television, and having a relaxing summer, It's June 12th right now and I am on my 4th day of Summer break. But something tells Drew that the world right now isn't right. it's June 12th, 2010, 1:35 pm, and Drew just got a horrofying picture in his head. I gotta talk to James about this bad picture.

Chapter 2: Trajedy
Drew is on his way to James's house and suddenly he got another picture in his head. So he starts running to James's house. Once Drew got there he didn't even ring the doorbell. I have to tell James this now. He thought with high pace. JAMES! Drew shouted.
At first Drew forgot what he was going to tell James, but then he remembered when James came to Drew. James! We have to get out of this planet! What are you talking about? James asked with seriousness. I'm talking about Void in 2012! James made a dramatic sigh. Drew, it is fake, the world is never going to come to an end. Wanna bet? Drew said with fierce anger. Sure, you're on.

Chapter 3: The bet
Drew went into James's room and scrambled to the computer. When Jamesfinally got to his room, Drew found a video on Youtube about the Earth ending. Look in the description. Drew said with excitement. Wait! Said James. You wanna bet $45? Oh yeah. Drew said with too much positive in his mind. The description said: The Void is really going to come to an end in 2012. YES!!! Drew shouted and also saying: $45, $45, $45, in your face! You won that round Drew, but watch the next bet. You'll lose. Oh too much positive in there. Drew said. I don't know, but I am pretty good at winning bets. That was a brag. Said James.
Chapter 4: Drew has a great idea (to him)
So the next day Drew goes back to James's house to tell him a plan. So of course Drew says: James! I got a idea. Talk to me. James said as lazy as a rich man's cat. Well i decided we should build something that would blow the big meteor away. Like what? James asked again. Like a giant fan that WOULD blow it away. That might be too hard to build. Why don't we just fly to outer space when the world is about to blow up? James asked. James, Drew said, That is a great idea! So lets build a rocket now. Drew, I can't believe I am saying this but, count me in. Wahoo! said Drew. But the problem is we don't have much money to buy the materials for the rocket. Maybe you don't have that much, but I have more than $8,000! Drew yelped with excitement. Hey, wait, we don't even know if we could do this yet, we must ask our parents if we could. Oh yeah. Drew said. I almost forgot about that because I was so locked on the project. Well they have to let us, Once they hears us ask, the will have to let us. Nobody wants to die in 2012. James said. Exactly! Drew said with sympothy, We can take our parents with us, or we can take our whole families. Might be too much. Lets just ask our parents now, my foot fell asleep, in fact, when we started running down the stairs I almost fell down the steps. Wake up you nubby foot! Drew shouted, trying to abuse his foot. Bad! Drew said angrily.
Chapter 5: The big question
When drew finally gets down the stairs, James is staring at Drew, crossing his arms. What? Drew said. I have been waiting 3 minutes! You think that isn't a lot? James yelped. Uhh no. Drew said pretending like he didn't know what James was talking about. Whatever, lets just get down to the point. They both raced to James's parents. Once they reached them of course they said: Mom and Dad! We have a brilliant idea. Well what is it? Mom said, sounding excited, but once James's told our plan, she cracked this time. We are going to build a rocket so fantastic, with so much gas, and seats so you can come and we will fly into space when the world corrupts, how about it? Well where are we going to put our food? And how are we suppose to eat from a astronaut? Mom and Dad asked starting to get suspicious. Okay okay, James said. Me and Drew will find a way. But do you wanna come? Sure, said Mom and Dad.

Chapter 6: The ROCKET

Okay. Our main focus is now on the rocket. If we want to get it done, you will have to sneak over here and have a sleepover but no sleeping, it's like pulling a all nighter. We just need sugar to stay awake. James said. But rocket's take like 5 years to make! Drew yelped. Exactly! Thats why you come over every night to help with the rocket! James said.
Chapter 7: Radiation Lab
One night after Drew and James were planning to build the rocket, James switched his mind to NO. James was so exhausted, (the fact that he didn't do anything besides sleep all night) He totally switched his mind from Earth ending in 2012. Drew didn't really believe it either. So it is stupid why they didn't do it. But you know it is just another part of growing up. Drew and James were a good 13 years of age, and they don't want to feel like toddlers anymore. KABOOOM!!!!! Holy Cow Pie!!! James screamed! Drew Shouted, What the pie cow!!!! That really didn't make sense. James said. Here Drew, scurry over to my house, lets see what created the Kaboom in my Radiation Lab. Since when do you have one? Years! James said. How come you never showed me or anyone else. Basically it is TOP SECRET! And this is what Drew thought in his mind. ''Okay this is starting to get weird'' If he never told someone, he got to be hiding something. But Drew just forgot about it. Okay Lets go!
Chapter 8: The lab search
Once Drew and James went to the Radiation Lab, James was so excited, when he tried to sit in the chair, he sat before he reached it. Drew thought another though ''Is James okay? He looks drunk''. Hahahahaha! Drew laughed. What is so funny Drew? James said with drunkeness. Ohh nothing. Just get to it. James popped out the Radiation Screen and checked it.
There was silence for about a minute until Drew yelled, James! So??? Now James couldn't believe his eyes. The radiation map looks like the explosion was on the other side of the Void. In a mighty intense sea, where waves ripped through cities through the Void. Now this is bad! Said Drew. Hey James. Said Drew. Yea? James said in a crackly-voice kind of way. Something is telling me that we need to search the Galaco Ocean on the other side of the Void. True that. Said James. Come on, lets go. Now? How are we gonna get on the other side of the Void. Remember Drew? James said getting excited. I have a uncle who runs a Hovercraft business. We can use one for the traveling. James said. Drew once had another thought- ''That nub, how will we get there in time before whoever did that does it again? What butthead''. Drew rather not say anything besides ''Okay James, lets go''.
Chapter 9: The Search at Galaco Ocean.
Okay. We borrowed one of his hovercrafts, now lets read the instructions. Drew said. Okey dokey artichokey. James said with drunkness once again. Carefully make sure everything is shut and no big air currents can glide it downward.
You ready for this? James said. Ohh yeah, lets ride and glide! Drew said. James wheeled upward with the pedal and turned the fan on to make it hover. This is creepy but cool. Drew said, uneasy about heights. It's okay, we won't be so far up, about 100-300 ft, not much. James said. James has controlled a hovercraft many times before, so he knows what he is doing. Is there a radio in here? Drew asked. Yep, what station? James said. 101.3 please. Drew said. How did Drew know that? It is very recent in this time. Look! James said excitedly. Galaco Ocean coming up in the horizon! Woah... Big big ocean. Drew said with his mouth dropped open. James punched the air wth excitement. James uncle contacted him on his Iphone and his uncle asked how they are doing. Drew answered because James has to focus. Hello Mr. Jenser, Drew said. Mr. Jenser is James's uncle. Hi Drew, where is James? Oh he is focusin on driving the hovercraft. Alright, just checking, thanks. Bye, Drew replied. Woah we are here, taking landing in hovercraft on hover-landing! James told. Once they landed, his uncle waited for him by the boat lift. Ready for your next transportation? Yep. Drew and James both said. Your next transportaton is a big boat. 2 120 hp motors for top speed of 240 mph.
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big smile
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Wait book 1?
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Yeah, I am making it into a series.
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I'm gonna take a wild guess and say that Drew and James are demigods.
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Well they aren't. I am not doing anything about percy jackson, i migh though. but i am still not done with it, tell your friends on here to read it too, it gets better.
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I'm sorry but, it has to do something about Percy Jackson. Cus it's a Percy Jackson group. Sorry...
But, one of them could be the builder (Hephaestus kid) and the other could be the planner (Athena kid).
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shut up you 2.
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very nice! you are a good writer continue it. Nothing about pjo? ok your choice, its still good.
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Actually Yes I changed my mind their demigods. Kepp reading though, the Centuries book 1 gets better and better.
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Well thnx Unimportance. you are very kind.
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JUST KIDDING! This totally relates to Drew and James as demigods. As it is, James and Drew is related to Percy. They don't know each other, but they will later in the online book.
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KingWriter is my new account.