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posted by phinbella4ever
phineas,ferb and isabell r all grown up and r living side দ্বারা side

the regular happens as isabella walks through the door "wat-cha doin?" phineas says "i wonder who that could be" izzy giggles as phineas tells her "we are making blueprints for a house they could stay in, i mean we see each other everyday." isabella says"can i stay too" she ব্যক্ত as she got closer to his face he blushes as he tells hes sure.
-----------------------2 weeks pass----------------------------"ok ferb and isbella get ur stuffed packed"phineas ব্যক্ত as he walk inside.a সেকেন্ড diddnt even pass when isabella walks inside"oh...
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posted by Phinabellqa
One night in Phineas and Ferb's bacyard Phineas and Isabella ,both were 19, were talking and holding hands when Phineas pulled Isabella close to him and Isabella blushed and ব্যক্ত "I প্রণয় you." "Great,would আপনি care to প্রদর্শনী me how much?" he ব্যক্ত in a sexy,seductive voice.He pressed his lips against hers she opened her mouth and Phineas slipped in his tongue touching hers and exploring her mouth.After a moment of shock she did the same.When they broke apart Isabella said"We should get a room. Don't ya think?" "I couldn't agree more!"he said.He lifted her up and carried her up to his room.Nobody...
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Angela Lansbury
বিউটি অ্যান্ড দ্যা বিস্ট
alan menken
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posted by drillz
later that night ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
phineas i have to tell u something.what is it Bella ? phineas im pregnant. really that's amazing! i know but i just want it to happen u know.
well i know what to do.what??? isabella i know what im gonna do tomorrow. i haven't herd আপনি say that for 7 years. yea its been so long well lets get some sleep.

the পরবর্তি day
ok so u ready to do this isabella. yes phineas.ferb আগুন it up. phineas grabs isabella's hand and walked into the age-afire u ready isabella.yes yes i am.a giant flash blinded the couple as the room went dark

2 hours later
phineas how far did u speed up our life? only দ্বারা 9 months.wait that means.yep only 12 hours until

2 be continued

should i continue ???
sorry if its short im just being lazy today
পরবর্তি one will be longer and out দ্বারা 3/21/12
posted by violetpinkgirl
Linda rushed over to Vivians house and pulled her over like Candace usually does Linda.Vivian was so proud of Isabella for finally getting up the courage to চুম্বন Phineas

Isabella asked Linda and Vivian if she could spend-the-night at Phineas's house that night.They both ব্যক্ত "sure" and Isabella started packing and then went over to Phineas's house

Before Linda and Lawrence left they ব্যক্ত to Phineas and Isabella "Candace is over at Jeremy's, and Ferb is at a karate camp for 2 months,remember don't get in the বিছানা together!"...
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added by blackrose294
Phineas and Isabella as Erik and Christine from Andrew's lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera.
andrew lloyd webber
the সঙ্গীত of the night
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posted by PftFan99
haha... This story is about Phinbella. (well.. when is it not) They go into the future and arrive and Phineas and Isabella's Wedding. What is Phineas' Reaction? Will the future change? Will Isabella scream of joy..and joyness? (sorry into charlie the unicorn right now)Sorry for bad summary. Enjoy! (P.S. Hot_n_cold helped me figure out some of this in chat.) P.S.S. Just pretend that Quantam Boogaloo never happened.
Phineas' POV

I woke up in the morning at 8:00 am as always.This was the very first দিন if summer.I wanted to make it great. I had went...
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posted by PhineasFangirl
It was the same usual দিন around the Flynn-Fletcher household. The sun shining, the birds singing, and the boys lounging out below the family's old oak tree. The two gazed up at the sky, not speaking a word until the familiar someone had come over.
"Sunny as ever," ব্যক্ত a female voice as she opened the gate. Her deep blue eyes sparkled as she blinked, fluttering those long and beautiful eyelashes. Phineas tried to not be distracted দ্বারা her stunning beauty as her voice flowed in a soft movement.
"What'cha doing?"
Those soothing words I live for, Thought Phineas, হারিয়ে গেছে in his own thoughts clouded...
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