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Pixiehollow.com is a website made for anyone who would প্রণয় being a fairy. আপনি can create your fairy, meet friends, go to parties, earn badges, and complete quests for টিংকারবেল and her fairy friends. আপনি can also play games, and get furniture for your fairy home. আপনি can shop, throw parties, and go into the wilderness with a fairy membership. Membership costs $6.95 a month. If আপনি would like to visit the flitterific website, don't hesitate. আপনি won't regret making a fairy. But if আপনি want to have an awesome time on this awesome website, আপনি will have to install an adobe flash player. But if আপনি have already installed it, আপনি will already have access to the website.
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Bad news, pixie fans. PIXIE HOLLOW.COM HAS CLOSED FOR EVER! And no. I am NOT joking! :(

Pixie Hollow has been closed since September 19, 2013 and it will never be opening again. :'(

To know why Pixie Hollow closed, follow this link:


Sadly, all পরী and other things on the site are gone for good now. Also sad is the fact that your account can no longer be accessed. Everyone who had a membership is Pixie Hollow will get their money back. (Thank goodness)

I am VERY sorry to break the bad news to আপনি guys. But it had to get out. :(