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posted by Kitannaheart12
With the thorns breaking through my skin i fall

just to hear আপনি scream i hate you

and i cry and crawl through the wire and i get away from your voice its screaming in my ear!!! everwhere Im escaping!!!

and i wont see আপনি and i fall again but when i get far i wont hear আপনি screaming nomore for me!.

this dark whole the one that he made...I wont be in it nomore i will escape i cant stay in this underground with আপনি ,you made this deep enough and now your stuck in it

But whos the one alone now?Is it me? cause what i see...

is people hate আপনি not me..how could i let আপনি be alone?

how could আপনি make me...
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posted by vampirefreak_26
I see আপনি everyday,but yet there is a দেওয়াল between us
How did it happen,what let it happen?
My feelings for আপনি are pure,but I don't know if আপনি feel the same way
I'm ready for it,us,I think
A part of me is scared of getting my হৃদয় broken again দ্বারা a person I trust
The other part wants আপনি আরো than ever
But there is a problem,there ia also a nother
Who should I choose and who must I let go?
The প্রশ্ন I have to ask myself now is "Who di I need to life and who can I life without?"
I'm unsure right-now,just tell me how আপনি feel,cause আপনি are driving me crazy
posted by reb1009
আপনি steal my life,
I have no chance,
I want to live,
And find life's romance.

You strike me down,
Do আপনি have no soul?
I thought আপনি would প্রণয় me,
'Cause I প্রণয় আপনি so.

I call আপনি mother,
And father too,
But আপনি kill me,
And it doesn't bother you.

Do আপনি wonder what I would be,
Do আপনি wonder what I am,
I wanted to be a football player,
To be your little man.

My birthday was yesterday,
The one আপনি got to miss,
But I'm up in Heaven,
With all of death's gifts.

God loves me,
I hope আপনি প্রণয় me too,
But it doesn't look like it,
Since I'm not there with you.

I hope আপনি know I প্রণয় you,
I প্রণয় আপনি very much,
But I wish...
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posted by BeB
In this dark world that gets darker দ্বারা the minute, we can only rely on your self,

And no one else. আপনি start to fade in and out, আপনি can barely hear your self call for help!

Your vision blurring, your words slurring, your হৃদয় thumping, your last মিনিট here are coming.

You see no one, hear no one, and now your done. Your done with the lies, with the good byes. Your done with the hurtful words, done with hearing those mournful words.

You go limp and cold, your time is ending when your not that old. আপনি know your leaving, but your still having a hard time believing.

The darkness closing in, all...
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How to Write a Father's দিন Poem
posted by Werewolves4Life
i Hate How আপনি
Make My হৃদয় Beat

i Hate How You
Make Me Blush When
i See You

i Hate How You
Make Me Say The Stupidest Things When
i Talk To You

i Hate How You
Make Me Jealous When
i See আপনি With Another Girl

i Hate How আপনি
Make Me Care
About You

it's To Bad
i Do...

... Other Wise
i Would Tell This
To Your Face.

i'd Tell You
"i Hate You.
i HAte আপনি So Much,
That i প্রণয় You."

But You'd Probably
Laugh At My Face
ANd i'd
Never see You...

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added by edward-lover456
The দিন is Ending
The sun is Setting
All is over
But i am sad

My হৃদয় is still grey
My বন্ধু are mad at me
And i am still sad

I go to sleep
But i can not stop thinking of what i have done
Will my বন্ধু ever Forgive me
And i am still Sad

I Have hurt a friend and Choked another
What have i done
And i am still sad

Why have i done this why
I have been tricked
Betrayed even
দ্বারা the Evil one
I must get him
Pay him for what he has done to me

When i have done so my বন্ধু will be happy
And so will i