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অনুরাগীদের শিল্প
posted by moodystuff449
Do আপনি remember the song I never sang?
Do আপনি remember the words I never said?
Do আপনি remember the প্রণয় I never felt?
Do আপনি remember the tears I never shed?

Do আপনি remember the pain of heart's first fall?
Do আপনি remember who put me through it all?

Do আপনি remember the way আপনি never cared?
Do আপনি remember the time I felt so scared?

Do আপনি remember holding me in your arms?

Do আপনি remember me walking out the door?

Do আপনি remember us standing in the rain,
when আপনি ব্যক্ত আপনি wanted me back again?

posted by irena83
I'm love
I'm desire
I'm pain
I'm denial.

Call me whatever you
want me to be.
Call me!
That's all আপনি see.

I'm pale
I'm tired
I'm love
I'm desire.

My চুম্বন is so deep.
Can আপনি feel my soul
My চুম্বন is so soft.
Can আপনি feel me?
Will আপনি dream me?

I give my প্রণয় to you.
I haven't chosen that,
it's just how it meant
to be.

I hide my tears from you,
i lock my the pain inside of me.
That's the place
i wish আপনি never find.
That's my soul,
sorrow and desire.

I give আপনি all আপনি want,
i choose the sweetest words
for you.
My touch leads you
to the highest
power of imagination,
just to প্রদর্শনী you,
just to have you.
posted by kyo-69
A little black flower, planted
with a seed of grace. The expression
of joy slowly shine on its face.
A little black ফুল beautifully
devine. An elegant structure in this ফুল u will find.

প্রণয় and the joy of
happiness, this shows a black flowers
elegance. the color of
this ফুল so proudly stand out.
আপনি are a little black ফুল without
a doubt.

Note: I would like to bring this out to a little girl that was killed in chicago where i live. so smart, so nice, so good, but why did she had to die..... she was part of the light and now i must find her in the darkness and bring her back to life.
posted by irena83
Sounds of past

echo in my head,

seeking for

the truth,



Sounds of past

still harm my soul,

but now I'm strong,

I can accept the truth.

Sounds of past

echo in the depth

of my heart,

though some truths

have never been found.

We just see these

through our eyes.

Sounds of past

still echo,

sometimes silently,

but we know

that the past still

lives inside,

as a memory,

as a burning wound.

Sounds of past

still echo


As a memory,

as a burning wound.
posted by Sinna_Hime_chan
One of my পছন্দ poems of all time & perhaps someone would like to add আরো Byron অথবা make commentaries...

She Walks in Beauty 1814

"She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy দিন denies.

One shade the more, one রশ্মি the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
অথবা softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A হৃদয় whose প্রণয় is innocent!
posted by ThornedRose
away আপনি left
flying far from me
shooken দ্বারা the wind
the pain
we were meant to be

far আপনি left
Never to Return
the pain destroyed আপনি
আপনি were never to be whole
There was nothing left to learn

আপনি left me that cold night
Without even a hug
I was left behing
all alone
with just a red lady bug

আপনি left me
crying alone
A week had passed
slow and painful
my red lady bug sat dull

আপনি were still gone
never coming প্রথমপাতা
I couldn't forget আপনি
but আপনি were still here
the red lady bug was still here

I knew আপনি were gone
there was no hope
but somehow I felt আপনি
I knew আপনি were near'
the Red lady bug was nothing to fear

আপনি are still gone
not coming back
I miss আপনি
I feel আপনি
and all I have left is the red lady bug
posted by sawfan13
Are the legends true about you?
Were আপনি really dead অথবা alive?
Ruined plans for the future
Did suicide have to be the answer?
Almost like Romeo and Juliet
Except আপনি lied to me.
You ব্যক্ত আপনি would die for me
But people just think I was a single destroyed soul.
We were both going to run away together
The Shakespere play had an effect on us
But আপনি ran away and never came back
Felt like a dagger in my heart.
You just licked the blood from my blade
Told everyone that I took my own life.
You were the only witness
Soon everyone would know
That আপনি did it all
And my name shall be clearer.
It gets colder and colder...
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posted by arcticflake
The Doll

Left & lonley
Abondoned & destroyed

the doll will seek revenge

The hate and pain have all subsided and left a fiery passion for revenge

The doll will have revenge

In pursiut of unfair justice in an unfair world

The doll will gain revege

The war that rages the hate that raises
All left the doll empty & tattered & broken

The doll will get revenge

The doll left broken দ্বারা the side of the rode
Ignored দ্বারা all mankind

The doll will receive her revenge

Who determines what is just in this unjust world

Not the doll অথবা me অথবা you

In a world of wrong what is right

Not the doll অথবা me অথবা you

Who leads the way in this endless maze called Life

Not the doll অথবা me অথবা you
posted by Aquade
One আরো Chance

দ্বারা Cody Herman

Do আপনি remember the good old days?

When we used to laugh and play?

Nothing worried অথবা stopped us

We would run until we were breathless

Tell me, when did it stop?

Why did it all drop?

Was it because of something I did?

I know I was stupid

I didn't mean to do it

It came bit দ্বারা bit

It wasn't till the end

That I knew I had হারিয়ে গেছে a friend

It never worked out

But দ্বারা then there was no doubt

If I could turn time back, I would

Even if it was just to see our childhood

I ask for one আরো chance

Just to advance

To turn back the clock

For our friendship again to unlock

It was my entire fault

Our comradeship didn't just halt

I wished I never started that romance

Again, I ask for one আরো chance
U Grab My Hands Off the blind
I feel Warmth that firstly strange
Where will u take Me??????

u প্রদর্শনী me Colors,,,
U প্রদর্শনী Me sadness
What was The truth u meant??????

U takes me in different Way,,to Love
That was Not also Kiss,,,Hugs,,,Playing
U প্রদর্শনী Me Care,, Joy,,, And deep
that was Not about how birds can Flown away..
this is how to feel when they r Flying,,,
It was not to watch the Blossoms come...
it Learn about How to Wait until it Blooms....

U makes Me that cry was a way out too...
u make me believes that Laughs Also hides in the sadness

Now I know...
ur Loves Changes ME...
posted by sawfan13
I finally drift off
I enter my dream state
I can't control my thoughts
As fear inside of me grows stronger

Arachnids crawling everywhere
I try to wake myself
But my body tells me to sleep

The crimson room
With the nice wood floor
Dark red and brown wooden walls
With dark red flavored furniture

The basement
People all around the brown wood basement
I can faintly see light through the tiny window
Cobwebs all around
Huge wasps
One lands on my shoulder
I think it just turned into a big brown tarantula

I try to awaken
Nothing helps
As I find myself in an aquarium
Fish all around me
Am I human in this dream?
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posted by Attirox2
When I think of আপনি
A tear falls and I start to cry
And brings me to sleep like a childs lullaby
When I see আপনি
I have to look away
And pray that my hurt can come another day
So I can feel better
When I hear your voice
I have to tune it out not that I have a choice
We may like each other
But if we come together and start
We would burn our soles and fall apart
Your like আগুন and I'm like ice
When we touch we hurt each other
We will never be able to be together
And for now all I can do is wish
posted by BritAshPos
Yesterday we both dreamed in a perfect world
Yesterday the words exceeded our lips
Because in our eyes we glanced each other's soul
And the truth did not hesitate in your look
Yesterday we promised each other
That we'd conquer the entire world
Yesterday আপনি swore to me
This প্রণয় would last forever
Because to be mistaken once is enough
To know what is to প্রণয় sincerely
What have আপনি done?
Today you've destroyed hope with your pride
Today আপনি dimmed my glance with your fury
You've erased all our story with your rage
And you've mistaken so much প্রণয় that I gave you
With a permission to break my soul like this...
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posted by dustfingerlover
She inhales sharply.
She hates the irony, and the pain is too much.
She cannot see his face;
He has advanced from behind.
But she does not need too,
She knows his face too well.
His ছুরি digs deeper into her soft cheek.
He is carving a heart;
Mocking her obsession of him.
He whispers something incoherent to her.
She wishes she had listened closer.
He caresses her unmarked cheek with his gloved hand.
She closes her eyes,
Half wishing it was over,
Half wishing it would never end.

-Emily Rose-
posted by sierradawn9
~*As she rolls the dice*~
~*I must think twice*~
~*About who I stand by*~
~*If we lose the bet*~
~*I'll surely get*~
~*A big shot to the head*~
~*I will be dead*~
~*I will be dead*~
~*At least for a while*~
~*No one ever understood*~
~*Why he killed an innocent child*~
~*I will be dead*~
~*I will be dead*~
~*It surely is true*~
~*I will wait until আপনি die*~
~*So I could be with you*~

posted by Animefun21WI
She lays there crying, dreaming about flying.
She picks up the knife, ready to end her life.
She tightens her fists, ready to end all this.
As tears roll, she starts to feel droll.
She feels numb, why did they call her dumb?
She still, about to take a pill.
He comes in, hopeing she her depression wouldn't win.
He feels dumb, but ready to run.
He lays in বিছানা with her, she's cold and dead.
He thinks " I'm too late, she met her fate."
He takes a knife, wishing she could be his wife.
He thinks to himself "I প্রণয় you, I wish আপনি where here to say আপনি do too."
They both ended there lives. Entering the light they see eachothet, and hold one another tight.
posted by anime123rox
smash and kill is all i think about
the same way আপনি hurt me with no doubt
you know the purpose your fake surface
that splendid face that kept the same pace
i know it makes no sense but im just so dense
you cut off all my defense the reason আপনি did this makes no sense
a flood of memories crashes my vision my প্রণয় for আপনি has come to a division
our sweat embrace those meaningless words , and my only petition
was for your প্রণয় , but i guess braking hearts is your tradition
you shoved yourself into my হৃদয় , and we sweared we would never be apart
those walks দ্বারা the park, those dreams with no end , a brand...
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posted by Briannalq
it drounds আপনি in its deepiest sorrows.. wraps around your body ... addicts আপনি worse than a drug... itsquese আপনি হৃদয় untill its vanished... it kills আপনি slowly and pinfully from the inside to the out side... puts the slashes in your wrists and legs... makes আপনি feel dead..... inside and outside untill your nothing at alll.... makes me put slashes in my head.... makes me fate my own dread... it keeps comeing... so dround me in my own poison and take the pain away from the প্রণয় that has vanished..