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 Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?
I've been planning to do this for a long time and now I'm finally doing it. Even though I প্রণয় the প্রদর্শনী I'm not a অনুরাগী of the অ্যানিমেশন style. So I don't find too many characters attractive. In fact the only male character I think is handsome is Ash. However there are some females I think are very pretty and some beautiful. So here's my list, please মতামত telling me what আপনি think but keep in mind this is just my opinion.


Even though she's one of the most brainless characters on the প্রদর্শনী she's very pretty. Everytime I see her and she does something stupid I always say "It's a...
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1.Melody:So আপনি are a pokemon trainer huh? I guess He will do *kisses Ash`s cheek*
Ash and Misty:*Shocked*
Melody:Huh, *to Misty* Are আপনি his little sister?
Misty:I am not!
Melody:Then আপনি mut be his girlfriend
Misty: *disgusted* Blah! Gross!
Melody: Oh, i dont think so.

2.Melody:And Misty, try not to get jealous.

3.Misty:Thats ridiculous. me! Ash's girlfriend! *bites into chicken*

4.Ash:Coming Mist? (Me:Ooh, আপনি didnt ask Tracey)
Misty:No thanks!If আপনি want somebody to do what ever আপনি want, whenever আপনি want, আপনি should get yourself a girlfried! (Me:Woah! Ash look what আপনি did)

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Well...this has been a long time coming!
Ever since I wrote that প্রবন্ধ about what I want for Pokemon Sun and Moon, I was rather anxious about what they're going to do; Especially since Sun and Moon is supposed to represent the 20th anniversary of the series. When I got my hands on the New নিন্টেডো 3DS XL on December 30th, it had both Pokemon Sun and Moon installed onto it. When Sun and Moon were announced, I wanted to play Sun, so I chose to play that. It took me at least a মাস to finish it (Which is why I haven't written any new প্রবন্ধ since.), but it was worth it.

One of the things...
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Just a quick heads up before I start: I have only recently found out that the episodes Attack of the Prehistoric পোকেমন and March of the Exeggutor Squad are on the Charizard and Charmander discs on volume 1 of পোকেমন All Stars so Omastar and Exeggutor will not be on the তালিকা this time.

Volume 3:

21. Ditto:
Ditto’s Mysterious Mansion, Enter the Dragonite, Imitation Confrontation

22. Shellder:
The Bridge Bike Gang, Evolution Solution, Cold as Pryce

23. Gyarados:
Pokémon Shipwreck, The Perfect Match, Rage of Innocence

24. Scyther:
Showdown at Dark City, Tracey Gets Bugged, Gettin the Bugs Out...
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 Pokemon Live! Album
Pokemon Live! Album
(Giovanni appears on the screen)
Giovanni: Attention, Pokemon Trainers. We announce the Diamond Badge. The diamonds are the most valuable things in the world. And the Diamond Badge it's the hardest to get in the world, and there is only one. There is only one way to win it. There is only one way to get it. আপনি have to defeat me and my Pokemon in a Pokemon Battle, if আপনি can. Visit the website www.DiamondBadge.com and download the map to the gym. The Diamond Badge, it's waiting for you. (Laughs evilly)

Ash's room
(Ash is in bed, sleeping)

Delia: (Offstage) Ash, hurry up! Professor Oak is waiting!...
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This তালিকা contains personal points of view, it's perfectly fine if আপনি don't agree with them. This তালিকা will contain possible spoilers if আপনি haven't seen the episode/movie the moment is from.

#10. Serena losing her first পোকেমন Performance in "A Showcase Debut"

Seeing as Serena trained really hard for the পোকেমন Showcase her loss was pretty shocking and upsetting. What was even আরো upsetting was her emotional breakdown about the loss, and I'm surprised I didn't start bawling my own eyes out because I'm a very sensitive person so when I see something sad on TV I often end up in tears. Serena...
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Here I will তালিকা off all the পোকেমন Ash caught within the first 16 seasons of the anime, what season he caught them, what episode he caught them, where he caught them, and their original trainers (if they had a trainer before Ash). Here are the first 20.

Kanto (Original Series)

1. পিকাচু (episode 1- Pokémon- I Choose You!)

Pikachu was Ash's starter পোকেমন that he received from Professor Oak. He received পিকাচু because he woke up late on the দিন he was supposed to start his পোকেমন training. পিকাচু didn't like Ash AT ALL when Ash first got him, and was very disobedient, refusing to help...
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 Someone's astonished দ্বারা Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
Someone's astonished by Ash's incomplete harem, hehehe...
The Valentine দিন had officially passed, but we are still a couple years away from the end of the Pokemon anime. There will be plenty আরো action between now and that magical দিন when Ash and everyone else on the প্রদর্শনী gets paired up with someone canonically. The ongoing XY series will undoubtedly shake things up, but for now, let's take a look the শীর্ষ 10 shippings at the beginning of 2015.

10. IkariShipping (Paul x Dawn)

IkariShipping first started back in the DP era, when Dawn and Paul spent a little time together alone with each other at night before been seen দ্বারা Ash. Since then, this...
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posted by AKetchum01

"Hi, I'm Steve Ketchum, Ash's brother. আপনি might think Ash and Misty প্রণয় each other. I never thought that my brother liked that annoying girl. It is correct they প্রণয় each other, I saw the whole thing that is the ultimate proof.

After placing first in the Gydos League, Ash returned to Pallet Town in Kanto.
"I wish Misty wasn't a Gym Leader." He thought to himself.
"Prepare for trouble!" Someone said. It was Team Rocket!
"Make it double!" James continued.
"Team Rocket, won't আপনি three ever learn?"...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 7: Nikki's First Night

(In Misty's gym, all of the guests are eating পিজা at the tables. Serena just got 2 slices of pizza. She headed over to the টেবিল and sat between Ash, পিকাচু and Nikki and gave Nikki one slice of pizza. Nikki is also sitting পরবর্তি to Ash.)
Serena: What's wrong, sweetheart? Don't আপনি like your pizza?
Nikki: No. I never had a big ডিনার before because I would only have crackers every night. (She eats her পিজা with a smile.)
Brock: Did আপনি tell her yet Ash?
Ash: Yes and turns out she's not pregnant! Probably the nurse got the wrong number.
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 Gotts catch 'em all!
Gotts catch 'em all!
I personally wanted to do this তালিকা but I wasn't in the mood for it,but now that I am,let's start.
A lot of আপনি know that my পছন্দ franchise of all time is Pokemon,a series dearly beloved দ্বারা many.Few games claim to জোতা it's gravitational pull.This golden রাজহংসী has soled millions upon millions of copies,spawned countless varieties of merchandise and touched the hearts of multiple kids and adults alike.How many franchises do আপনি know the bridged the generational gap?
The creatures in the game are huge part why I প্রণয় it.There have been hundreds of Pokemon introduced over the years and...
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 Number 3 Yes people is possible to find a non sexual one
Number 3 Yes people is possible to find a non sexual one
মেটে রঙ্গবিশিষ্ট মেটে রঙ্গবিশিষ্ট some of the cutest pokemon pictures in the internet waring internet is unpredictable and আপনি sometimes may turn up for something else like a sexual garvidor so be careful when আপনি খুঁজুন for pokemon pictures
 Number 2 I প্রণয় ঘাস types
Number 2 I love grass types
 Number 1 I don't know about আপনি but its so cute
Number 1 I don't know about you but its so cute
posted by উন্ডওয়াকারগাই৪৩০
Oh, Pokemon. It was one of the things I loved so much in my childhood other then Zelda. IT has its own games, toys, trading cards, TV shows, manga, and, in this case, অনুরাগী fictions. This প্রদর্শনী had হারিয়ে গেছে of fanfictions. Some good like No Antidote, the Pokemon Rebellion, and The Midsummer Knight's Dream. Then there was the bad ones like Pokemon Ultiment (Yes the spelling of Ultimate was messed up on purpose. That's how its spelled) Forever Mine, and Darkest Night........ Then..... There's The Pokemon Story.
This has to be, without a doubt, the worst fanfic I have ever read. Worse then Trixie's Funhouse....
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10. Iris

I admire Iris because of her spirit and how good she is with Pokemon. She's not all that great with people though. I don't understand why she has to tease Ash so much and call him a little kid for not knowing something অথবা for doing something wrong. Newsflash Iris, Ash IS a little kid, he's only 10, but that doesn't mean আপনি have to be rude to him for not knowing how to do something.

9. Clemont

He's super sweet and kind to others especially Bonnie. I like that he allows Bonnie to carry Dedenne with her wherever she goes and to allow Bonnie to take care of Dedenne despite her not...
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posted by Pokegal4life
A picture's worth a thousand words and is also a great way to prove a point and get unknown facts straightened out. Here's proof that Pachirisu's a girl. There's a picture of Pachirisu from the episode "Tanks for the Memories". In that episode the gang stopped at a cafe where Brock was helping one of the waitresses bond with her Miltank, Ilta. While Brock helped her, Dawn, Ash and their Pokemon helped the other two waitresses inside the cafe during rush hour. One of the pictures below is from that episode. It's Pachirisu, Buneary, and Ambipom all wearing waitress outfits, and they all look super excited, as did Dawn. Now, think about how Ash, Pikachu, Piplup, and Turtwig looked, embarrassed, right? Exactly, and if Pachirisu were a guy, it's নিরাপদ to say Pachirisu would've been embarrassed as well. Also, I have another picture of Pachirisu in a cheerleader outfit, and Pachirisu looks excited, and that probably wouldn't be the case if Pachirisu was a male.
posted by উন্ডওয়াকারগাই৪৩০
the Lampent Theory

People always wonder what is the last thing they see before they die. In the world of Pokemon, some say its them remembering there family and friends. Others say its প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে what the afterlife looks like. However, only those who do die know what true suffering awaits them.
Scientists have long wondered what it is with Lampent's. These Pokemon are ব্যক্ত to feast on the souls of dying Pokemon, and that is true, however, some Lampent's have grown to be tired of feasting on the souls of Pokemon and have decided to try something different. Humans. Wild Lampent's are always found...
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posted by wallah2001
Me:hay this is my first pokemon fanfic! It's penguinshipping

Ash:nice to meet you!

Misty:yah! I read your ফ্যানপপ পরিলেখ and আপনি sound interesting!

Dawn:so like...you are coming up with this whole thing in your mind!?

Kenny:dee-dee I'm certin she is

Me:yah! I am!


Me:awe thanks drew!

Drew:I was being sarcastic

Me:(looks angrily at drew)

May:sorry! Sometimes drew is a big jerk

Me:it's ok anyways someone do the disclaimber!

Dawn:wallah2001 does not one pokemon

"hay dawn!"a certain 10 বছর old blue haired coordinator turned to find her childhood freind kenny a বাদামী haired 11 বছর old boy also...
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posted by StarWarsFan7
 May and Max in the car. (Picture May in her Sinnoh outfit.)
May and Max in the car. (Picture May in her Sinnoh outfit.)
"Alright everyone! Into the car to drop আপনি two off for school!" Oh dad. Do আপনি have to announce it like আপনি just one the lottery? I clean my কমলা and green outfit quickly with my hands. "Ok." I reply. My brother Max and I race each other to the maroon car but I lose. "Woo hoo! I beat-cha May!" Psshht. My brother is such a brag. "So what? আপনি better make that win last because I'll beat আপনি পরবর্তি time!" Max smiles deviously. "I'm sure আপনি will May." The গ্যারেজ door opens so the car can get out. My dad comes from the house door entrance. "Everyone. In the car." he tells us. I usually sit in...
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posted by SakuraKaneko
(Based on a REAL story)
"I totally want a riolu, I know what to do!" Sakura exclaimed.
"What do আপনি think she's gonna do?" Luna asked Luke.
"Mmph, I have no idea," Luke replied.
Sakura went to the Solceon DayCare Center...
Sakura: LUKE!
Luna: What?!
Luke: আপনি mean..
Sakura:(Nods) C'mon আপনি two are awsome, go.
Luke: Fine...
Sakura:>o< YEAH!
Later..eggs later..
Luke: i don't know...
Luna: Maybe it's impossible.
Sakura: Mmm...
Sakura went to the PC and took her Ditto...

Sakura: LUKE! Go on that বিছানা again,...
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Ash: I'm so fed up with you, Misty.

Misty: I'm so fed up with আপনি making fun of me!

Ash: It's just my job.

Suddenly, James smashes through the দেওয়াল dressed up in a chicken costume

James: ._. Wrong timing?

Ash: Please tell me why আপনি are dressed like a fucking chicken.

James: I'm still hunting people down for their candy.

Misty: হ্যালোইন is so 4 days ago.

James: Your so 16 years ago.


Misty: Both of আপনি are really fucking immature!

James: At least we don't wear pimpy clothes.


Misty: James, who the hell asked for your opinions?

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