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This powerpuff girls Z অনুরাগীদের শিল্প might contain নকল মানুষের, কমিক বই, কমিকস, and কার্টুন.

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Yesterday seemed good. But it will take a lot আরো than that movie to convert Brick to the good side and for Blossom to believe it. I invited Butch, Miyako, and Boomer to my house to create ideas that could help with the situation. Butch and Boomer were in their school forms, so nobody else would know. I just finished trying to make the place not a mess when I heard a knock on the door. "Coming!" I opened the door and saw Miyako. "Come in, Miyako."
"So, when are the boys coming? It can't just be the two of us to-"
"Hold the door for us!" We turned to see Katsou and Minoru. "I don't want to...
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Time to wake up Da Wan! পীচ said
Alright Peach.Ken ব্যক্ত wile getting out of bed
They had breakfast and went to do chemistry until
the ঘণ্টা rang it was Kaoru Ken let her in.
নমস্কার Ken!she said.Why are আপনি looking at me?
No i am not!he said
Ok! ok! dont need to get mad!she ব্যক্ত lowdly.
Kaoru ব্যক্ত let's go play soccer!
alright! Ken said
After playing ফুটবল Momoko came shouting MOJOJOJO
পীচ ব্যক্ত Powerpuff Girls Z we need you!!!
--Hyper Blossom--
--Powered Buttercup--
--Rolling Bubbles--
They beated mojo and went to the lab but Kaoru
was injured.
What is going on here? Ken said
Kaoru is injured! Bubbles shouted
Where? Ken asked.On her leg Blossom said.
To be continued
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This was requested দ্বারা Eula2003. The group her character is from is Dragonthunder Girls. Her name is in the pic. She is the leader of her team.

I HOPE আপনি LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

মতামত if আপনি like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If আপনি want one too, then go to my প্রবন্ধ that says "I can make আপনি a PPGZ/RRBZ if আপনি want one!

It has all the information that আপনি need in order to make one. Requests for on is UNLIMITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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