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posted by Zerofriends
New Aliens Vs. Predator spot:

With this 80 সেকেন্ড video, infamous illustrator Alex Pardee is using the two most powerful methods of communication…ENTERTAINMENT and support racial equality via the MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund).

The MALDEF, known for supporting civil liberties, is currently battling Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070. All profits from this শার্ট sale will be donated to MALDEF to help continue to battle Arizona's Senate Bill 1070.

Pardee’s company has gained a cult like following and attacked A-list Hollywood work (“Inglorious Basterds,” Zack Snyder’s upcoming “SuckerPunch!”). With পূর্ববর্তি spots including the likes of Shia LeBouf and Nip/Tuck’s John Hensley, the goal is to inspire Pardee’s rabid fanbase (and অনুরাগী of PREDAORS, which hits theatres this week) to start their important conversations on this issue.
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A team of Commandos, on a mission in the Central American jungle, find themselves hunted দ্বারা an extra-terrestrial hunter.