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~You know, আপনি have a very strong arm, princess. Wait, please! Put the monkey down!!!
~You will enjoy it, I guarantee. All women enjoy the চুম্বন of Prince Naveen. Come, we pucker... that's new...
~(to Lawrence)For a man who can not see his feet, you're very light on them!... Ah, Lawrence, it seems আপনি have finally gotten into the music! Do আপনি catch my drift? because you're head, it is in a tuba.
~(Ray sings "Je t'adore) I adore আপনি (ray sings "Je t'aime) I প্রণয় you.. What? I'm just translating!
~(repeated line) I am Prince Naveen *splat!*... of Maldonia
~It is not slime! আপনি are secreting mucus!...
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