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I really think that proper English is important for people that use text language. Some day, we will all have forgotten what proper English should be. Think of the people that came before us, they all had to use proper English, so why shouldn't we? One day, for all those teenagers that consistently use text language, আপনি will go to sit your exam for school, no matter what subject it is, I bet আপনি will all accidently use one text language word. Also, আপনি could become a successful writer one day, and still be using text language, then a customer complains about the use of text language in your book! Aswelll as that, we all want our children and kids to use proper English. We dont want them to grow up and be a teacher using text language! And দ্বারা the way, proper English includes grammar and punctuation, such as apostrophies, commas, full stops and things like that!

I rest my case...