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I just প্রণয় this video! I almost peed in my panties when I saw this.
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Puffed live! :P I hope আপনি ALLZ read this. I can't make another acc. On my comp. I'm at my friend's now and This is LAST from me. My mail:ivna.karaula@gmail.com I beg you-MAIL ME! আপনি all guys are so awesome and so supertastic And,and,and...URGH! Idk! Well a hew things to say:

Power:Hey you,awesome power thingy,you! আপনি are just toooo great to be mah friend. Will আপনি mail me? Plz? I check every দিন ফ্যানপপ and first thing-you. আপনি are being mai friend from tha start. I just wuw আপনি as a friend...Mail me pls....AHA,look at ma face!!!X)

BL: Oh আপনি know what I think bout you!!! আপনি are supermegaextra...
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Okay I copied this from BL. So I like to draw but only on computer,cuz if আপনি would see what can I do on paper আপনি would puke. Well my পছন্দ songs are:Dr.Who theme,Love game দ্বারা Lady GaGa,Amazing দ্বারা Janelle,Sugar দ্বারা Flo-Rida ft. Wynter,Animal I have become দ্বারা TDG and Electropop দ্বারা Jupiter rising.

I'm not dumb অথবা stupid I have very good grades... I like English,Music and Religion,I hate P.E.,Maths,and Croatian.

I have bad voice so I don't like to sing and I don't like to dance cuz I'm bad at it.

And that's what I can tell about me cuz I can't remember anything smart right now...