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Good truth অথবা dare Questions

Truth অথবা dare is fun, only when all the people involved in the game are comfortable with each other. Here are some questions, which can be termed as good truth অথবা dare questions, which will help আপনি to break the ice and ease the environment of a strained gathering.

Which was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

Describe the strangest dream আপনি have ever had in your life?

What is the one quality অথবা feature আপনি would like to change about yourself?

Do আপনি have a crush on any of your friend's boyfriend অথবা boyfriend's friend?

Do আপনি think your boyfriend is marriage material?...
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ANIME! ^____^

An awesome উৎস of entertainment that's basically Japanese কার্টুন often inspired দ্বারা manga, অথবা Japanese comic-like novels. AND THEY KICKED ASS! :D

Seriously, half my life is just watching anime, and I almost প্রণয় every one I see. And this তালিকা is celebrating THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF.....

Uh, canned bread? :P I don't know, I just wanted to make this list.

The rules are obvious. Only entries from জীবন্ত I've seen, they have to be from anime, and they have to be FREAKING AWESOME SAUCE! ^__^ (That didn't even make sense.....)

So kick out the popcorn, soda, get comfortable, and enjoy!...
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French Fries are deep fried in horse oil in France.

Kittens are born with blue eyes, but change when they get older.

People born in November are আরো likely to become serial killers.

Everything আপনি see is actually upside down and your brain just flips it around.

You can't actually multi-task.

Easily distracted people are the ones who are the most creative.

When a person appears in your dreams, that person misses you.

Music can lead teens to depression.

You are আরো likely to dream when আপনি are depressed.

Your odor is as unique as your fingerprint.

If আপনি tear off paper from bottles, আপনি are sexually...
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posted by karpach_14
A single drop of sweat from Chuck Norris was found to quench the thirst of an entire african village for 23 straight days. Subsequently, an olympic athlete from that village was disqualified from his event for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs.

Chuck Norris can read lady Gaga's poker face.

Chuck Norris says the alphabet faster backwards then আপনি can say it fowards.

When Chuck Norris goes to sleep, he doesn't dream he lives it.

In an alternate universe, Chuck Norris is just a myth. However, he pwns people there anyways.

When Chuck Norris drinks beer, the বিয়ার gets drunk.

Ninjas want...
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posted by bizeshnakarki
I found this on the internet.

1.    Smile
2.    Laugh
3.    Run your fingers through your hair
4.    Touch them gently on the arm/shoulder
5.    Give them a hug
6.    Tease them
7.    Complement their clothes
8.    Say, "It seems like forever since I last saw you"
9.    Whisper
10.    Offer them a blanket অথবা কোট if it's cold
11.    Offer to buy them a drink
12.    Lean...
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posted by d3ath_3at3r
In a pub ক্যুইজ the other দিন I হারিয়ে গেছে দ্বারা one point. The প্রশ্ন was, "where do women mostly have curly hair?" Apparently, it's Africa.

One of the other প্রশ্ন was to name two things commonly found in cells.
It appears that Nigerians and Jamaicans is not the correct answer.

I've heard that আপেল has scrapped their plans for the new children's iPod, after realizing that iTouch Kids is not a good product name.

There's a new Muslim clothing ভান্দার that opened in Toronto but I've been banned from it, after asking to look at some বোমারু বিমান jackets.

You can say lots of bad things about pedophiles,...
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Ghetto Names

Mostly জনপ্রিয় with the poorer sections of the communities in the United States, ghetto names are becoming আরো common.
These are some ghetto names sent to us দ্বারা our readers:

Aalissah , Aarionda , AbbyYoYo , Abcd , Abrianna , Adaizala , Aereana , Ajavalon , Akeebu , Akwante , Alamarion , Alashawndre , Alashema , Alezeisha , Aliciandra , Alveonta , Amabufu , Amanisha , Ambrisha , Amereazanisha , Amiracle , Amonteosha , Ananchalant , Anfernee , Angenique , Annestonisha , Antonyishia , Antwanae , Antwanique , Antwonisha , Anukware , Aquamaquisha , Aquanasia , Aquanetta , Aquaniqua ,...
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posted by Thecharliejay
1.    1
Realization. Even though it may seem impossible, the truth is, nothing is impossible. If আপনি keep thinking it's impossible, then it will be. Have faith
Analyze the situation. Create a তালিকা of "pros" and "cons" to help আপনি better understand why you're seeking প্রণয় অথবা acceptance from this person.
2.    3
Don't worry about things আপনি can't help. Acknowledge the impossibility as something that is totally out of your hands (ex: marriage, age, sexuality, hang-ups) and know that if something is meant to be, it will be.
3.    4
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posted by উন্ডওয়াকারগাই৪৩০
So I talk about quite a few things on here, most of them with varying levels of popularity. So what better way to grab people’s attention then with good old 2000s nostalgia. So I wanna talk about Ed, Edd, n Eddy, a favoite প্রদর্শনী of mine from my childhoo- wait, Ed, Edd n Eddy came out in the 90s, fuck!

Ed, Edd n Eddy is one of the greatest কার্টুন in, probably of all time. I know for a fact that it’s my পছন্দ show. Where other famous shows tried and failed, Ed, Edd n Eddy succeeded. Spongebob is good, but it had some rough years. The Simpsons is alright, but it is in desperate need...
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I kinda wanted to write this প্রবন্ধ just to get this topic off of my chest. If আপনি guys haven’t know already, which আপনি should have, this character has a special place in my heart. She is a character from BlazBlue series and she’s the BEST GIRL that could ever exist. I প্রণয় just everything about Nu-13. She’s both cute and badass at the same time! I’ll be explaining my five reasons why I প্রণয় Nu-13 so much.

1. Her design
I প্রণয় both of her normal and mecha battle suit. I প্রণয় how her swords behind her battle form placed together like a pair of wings for her. I...
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posted by Renegade1765
I've been recently informed that it's literally been 2 years since I joined Fanpop! As such, I have decided to talk about a subject that's been on my mind and wanted to share with আপনি guys.

I know this is a very weird subject to talk about, but this idea hit me when I watched a speech about perfection. I began to form my own opinion on the matter, and I thought it would be nice if I shared with you. Plus, as an anniversary article, I think it's a fitting subject.

In my honest opinion, perfection is a dead-end; and impossible concept that none of us can ever comprehend. Here's what I mean:...
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There is a website that offers its users the choice to experience the "ultimate horror." This website, called Blindmaiden.com, is supposedly a site dedicated to a doomed spirit that will enter the প্রথমপাতা of people who have viewed that site.

However, no matter how hard আপনি try, your browser won't allow আপনি to enter the site. আপনি see, to access this site, আপনি must wait until exactly 12:00 AM, making sure that the night in প্রশ্ন is a New Moon night. আপনি must be on your own in your প্রথমপাতা with all the lights turned off. Only when these conditions are met, will আপনি be granted access to the site.

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(WARNING: There is quite a bit of profanity in this article, so if that bothers আপনি in any way, please contemplate পাঠ করা something else. Thank you.)

Alright before আপনি whine like an immature five-year old troll without their দুধ bottle and scream out "FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S IS OVERRATED!", just hear me out. I like the games for their surprisingly deep story, fun game play, memorable animatronics, and dark atmosphere.

Oh but Jared, this is the internet! How DARE আপনি have an opinion, you'll get destroyed দ্বারা the hater army!

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posted by CorporalSununu
1. Appreciate your life... SB has almost no pay, his neighbors hates him, he is the living definition of being friendzoned, and his শামুক is smarter than him...yeah.
2. We learn how to sing... F is for friends, who, do stuff together!
3. We learn how to properly flip crabby-patties
4. We realize no ones ever gone into the sea looking for a pineapple
5. Eveyday is a good দিন to wear a striped sweater!
6. We learn how to unsuccessfully plan to learn the secret recipe
7. We learn a pineapple actually makes a nice home.
8. Squirrels cam easily live undersea!
posted by nmdis
"Trust In Me"

How could I see আপনি when I was so blind
How could I grasp আপনি when I was far behind
How could I hear আপনি when I was so deaf
How could I get up when I had been left

But আপনি said, don't worry
For I've healed the blind man
And I've set the captives free
And আপনি said, don't worry
For all you've gotta do
Is put your trust in me

How could I be clean when I was so dirty
How could I be made whole when I was torn apart
Make me whole, make me whole
Make me whole again

But আপনি said, don't worry
For I've healed the blind man
And I've set the captives free
And আপনি said, don't worry
For all...
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posted by nmdis

It's a big bad world but I ain't ashamed,
I like the lights in my hand
And the beat in my face.
It's a big bad world but I ain't ashamed,
I like the lights in my hand
And the beat in my face.

Be-be-beat in my face, be-be-beat in my face,
The lights in my hand, and the beat in my face

Be-be-beat in my face, be-be-beat in my face,
The lights in my hand, and the beat in my face

I'mma make আপনি bend your back
Oh my god, this beat is crack
When I do this, আপনি do that

I feel like dancing when I hear that sound,
Just wanna do it, eh, just wanna do it, eh.
I feel like dancing when I hear that sound,
Just wanna...
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posted by nmdis
Dream it Out Loud

How do আপনি speak in silence?
Why do আপনি sleep when you're awake?
If we just cut the tie lines, then we can simply sail away.
Pack up your things. Write it all down.
You'll soon be accustomed to the sound.

Dream it out loud.
Dream it out loud.
Dream it out loud.

I want to paint in colors.
Leaving the land of black and white.
And if we do go back there, we'll see it in a different light.
Ready to go. Open the door.
Just like the rain falls from the cloud.

Dream it out loud.
Dream it out loud.
Dream it out loud.

It's a better day.
We're on our way.
If there's anything we can't remember.
Who's to say it's not all just a dream.

Don't have to think about it.
Just like a river it will flow.
We waited to long without it.
If we just get up now and go.
Open your eyes and look around.
You'll be surprised what আপনি have found.

Dream it out loud. (x 10)
(I'm dreaming. Keep on dreaming.) (x10)
Alright basically the শিরোনাম says it all so I'm just ganna jump into it.

1. Princess- it's a cute name for a girl who likes feeling really important and special

2. Beautiful/Gorgeous- basically it's one that every girl will প্রণয় and আপনি don't have to worry about them not liking it

3. Sweetie Pie- okay this one is a good one if your girl is আরো on the country side

4. Sweet Heart- another one that a lot of girls like

5. Babe/Baby- good most of the time

6. Kitten- this is a good one for girls who are either animal প্রেমী অথবা sweet, cute and playful

Look use these if আপনি want but in my opinion make up...
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posted by Bluekait
Your butt is wide, well mine is too
Just watch your mouth অথবা I'll sit on you
The word is out, better treat me right
'Cause I'm the king of cellulite
Ham on, ham on, ham on whole wheat, all right

My zippers bust, my buckles break
I'm too much man for আপনি to take
The pavement cracks when I fall down
I've got আরো chins than Chinatown

Well, I've never used a phone booth
And I've never seen my toes
When I'm goin' to the movies
I take up seven rows

Because I'm fat, I'm fat, come on
(Fat, fat, really, really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, আপনি know it
(Fat, fat, really, really fat)
You know I'm fat, I'm fat, come...
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This is my gorgeous ,Beautiful, talented and inspirational hero Talia . Talia is a fighter .Talia was first diagnosed 6 years পূর্বে with with stage four neuroblastoma cancer, a tumor that develops from nerve tissue in infants and children, on Valentine's দিন in 2007.It was then that she first developed an interest in make-up .Now she has attracted over14million viewers to her video blog. Her make-up tutorials are amazing.She is always so positive and never loose hope. last summer Talia learned that she has neuroblastoma and leukemia 'at the same time' and the doctors were giving her only four...
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