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posted by lovelyanime1
Red গলদা চিংড়ি is the best seafood restaurant in the world.There গলদা চিংড়ি is the best.I প্রণয় their গলদা চিংড়ি tails. They use to have গলদা চিংড়ি bisque and it was so good. It made me upset that they stop serving it. I think আপনি should all go to Red Lobster. If আপনি have never been to Red Lobster, GO THERE NOW. আপনি Better Go. আপনি Better. Red গলদা চিংড়ি rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I প্রণয় the Red গলদা চিংড়ি in New Jersey. I have tryed everything there and it is yummy. Red গলদা চিংড়ি has the finest খাবার and great service. When আপনি walk in they have real lobster's. So cool.