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posted by crazyspacemoo
Regina Spektor has been one of my favourite singers ever since I saw Fiedelity on C4. A few months later I saw her album and got it for my 10th birthday it took awhile to start listening and learning all the songs on it ! Then I begang to fall in প্রণয় with it. None of my বন্ধু even know who Regina is. I think its cool how she doesn't do crazy things and is not in the eye of the media!! Then I went to see her live it was the most amazingest সঙ্গীতানুষ্ঠান I have seen better than Britney Spears. Regina is so talented but the touring band named Jupitier One were not so great :/ Anyways I never knew that so many New Zealanders really প্রণয় Regina Spektor
Ohh I প্রণয় the new album Far favourite song from that is Folding Chair xoxo