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posted by Darkangel6
Francis knew the only way that Mary could save her people were if she married the prince of Portugal. (DRABBLE)

The চুম্বন may have lasted mere সেকেন্ড but in those few সেকেন্ড I realized how much truly loved Mary. Of course she needed to protect her country and if my father wasn’t willing to help then she needed to find someone who could. And if her marrying the prince of Portugal was the only way to ensure that her people would be safe, then I would let her go.

Walking away from her I held back the tears that were forming. This was it, this was the last moment of happiness that I would enjoy. For I would never প্রণয় another woman as much as I loved Mary.
The first time that I met Sebastian I was four. He was six years old. I thought that he was the most fascinating person, someone, a child merely two years older than me and was able to do whatever he pleased without anyone telling him what to do. Francis kept me away from Sebastian, telling me that I was to be wed him someday and that I shouldn’t keep my thoughts so focused on his older brother.

So when I saw him again, after all these years he had grown into a very handsome man and my হৃদয় sped up when I saw him.

“Is that Francis?” Kenna asked me. I shook my head.

“No, that isn’t Francis, that’s his older brother. Sebastian.” I responded not taking my eyes off of him. My eyes moved behind Sebastian. Making his way towards us was Francis. “That’s Francis.”

He stood দ্বারা his brother. I had managed to look at them now, all grown up. Sebastian still looked আরো handsome than his brother. And I still held feelings for him.
posted by Darkangel6
Why am I thinking of this? I shouldn’t be, my thoughts and my dreams should only be on Francis, my future husband, my future king. But as I lay here in bed, পরবর্তি to Francis who is sound asleep, I can only think of his brother, Sebastian. Thoughts of how sweet he is, how endearing. Sebastian actually wants to spend time with me, and he enjoys my company, Much unlike Francis.

I slipped out of বিছানা and silently crept to Sebastian’s room. If anyone was to find out that I was going there I would surely ruin the Alliance between our countries.

“Mary? What are আপনি doing out of বিছানা at this time?”...
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posted by Darkangel6
Reign is on the তালিকা of one of the highest rating shows on television. And on mine.

I am a history buff and প্রণয় shows that deal with history (Tudors, Merlin and Game of thrones).

From the previews that I have seen of Reign I am sure it will be one of the best shows. Even if the accuracy isn't all right, I don't mind.

The প্রদর্শনী has everything that I love, প্রণয় triangles, adventure, intrigue. and Adelaide Kane.

I have been a অনুরাগী of hers since power rangers: RPM. she is a brilliant actress and wonderful in every role she portrays. Bringing the role of Mary to life is not a challenge for her. her অভিনয় is amazing, highly believable.

The other actors are as well, they are perfectly cast as Francis and Sebastian.

the scenery is remarkable, the costumes, শ্রদ্ধার্ঘ্য everything is wonderful.

The প্রদর্শনী itself has potential. The first episode just blew me away. Perfect.
posted by Darkangel6
This is just my opinion, not to offend anyone.

We are only one episode in and I prefer that Mary and Sebastian end up together. From the bat it seems as though he genuinely cares for her আরো than Francis and Francis seems to have forgotten everything that they had when they were little kids.

Francis seems to care for other things rather than Mary and Mary seems to প্রণয় Francis and not just for her kingdom. Her feelings are real.

From the moment that Mary and Sebastian locked eyes, he was infatuated with her, he's falling in প্রণয় and she could feel the same if she was not in an arranged marriage...
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posted by Darkangel6
You’re my soul mate? That’s what you’re trying to say?”

There was skepticism in my voice and I’m sure she caught it. The look that she gave me was a mix between concern and hurt.

I quickly reached for her and pulled her towards me, his body shaking as I rubbed circles in her back.

“I didn’t mean it the way I ব্যক্ত it. It’s just that, well, no one has ever told me that and I didn’t think that I would ever hear that from someone.” I spoke.

She pulled back, there were tears filling her eyes.

“I know it seems so soon, but you’re the one for me Sebastian. I can’t describe it. I know I should প্রণয় Francis, but I don’t. Not the way that I প্রণয় আপনি and it hurts me to not to be with you, it hurts me when I see আপনি with other women. I প্রণয় আপনি Sebastian. আরো than anything.”

The চুম্বন Mary gave me was আরো intimate than any চুম্বন I had ever received from any woman that I had been with.

“I প্রণয় আপনি too Mary.”
Episode 1x02: May CONTAIN SPOILERS

So this episode had been rooting for Mary and Sebastian and then towards the end I was rooting for Mary and Francis. He believed his fiancé about the fact that his mother is trying to ruin her. It was sweet, but a part of me still craves Sebastian and Mary.

The rest of the episode stunned me to no extremes. Like Charles's soon to be wife. She seems a little much, she's a bit impatient with him. Come on, they're what? Ten?

When then found out that Collin was alive, at least for a short time and I was happy, only to find out that the কুইন had him killed, again.

And even though we haven't officially seen Clarissa yet I am already liking her. She can set all of this straight.